A Jealous Spaniard to injure Beckham?

Question:Do you think there is a possibility that, between now and the end of the spanish season, a spanish league player could intentionally injure Beckham just to scupper his high profile move to LA?

I dont think any proffesional would do this but you never know, if someone is jealous that a past his prime Beckham will go on to earn in a week about what they might in a year . . . . your thoughts please.


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The only chance of him getting an injury in Spain is by getting a sore bum from all that sitting on the substitute's bench at Madrid.

In order to be targeted by an opponent, he has to be actually on the pitch...and that hasn't been happening a lot in the last six months , has it??!

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I am not familure with soccer, but if he has made enemies, it is possible.

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No, That will cause a yellow (or is it red?) card..

.. and fines.. and suspension

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Beck's not a really popular figure in football anymore, no football fans will switch to US football to just watch him.
I dont think anyone will want to risk a banning just to do that. He doesn't seem to have any particular enemy either.

Just been watching a programme, does anyone know who?

yea i agree with u , u r right

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