A question for America Soccer fans?

Stan Kroenke, who could possibly take over Arsenal. Would you buy a used car from this man? Does he actually like the game and will he do anything other than asset strip the Arsenal to fund his franchises in those funny sports you play over there?


Can greece repeat there domination at euro 2008?

Don't know his true intentions with the Arsenal deal but he just spent about $130 million to built a nice soccer complex (known as the largest soccer complex in America) for his MLS team Colorado Rapids. He also seems to be a huge sports fan as he owns teams in more than 4 different sports.

Edit: I would trust him more than the other 3 Americans that bought into the Premiership, that's for sure.

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Well he owns the Colorado Rapids which is a team in the MLS. I think he really doesn't love the game like all other Americans owning soccer teams in England and i am guessing he will do the same in the financial factor.

So what do you reckon on chelsea wycombe? Im goin 7-0 to chelsea?

American Soccer fans?
umm.nope.not too many of those around here.

(only Arsenal Fans) Can you please tell me where I can find the Arsenal song, we sing, on the net?

Well he's too new (bought the MLS team in 2005) to the soccer scene for me to have an opinion on him, but I like what he's doing for American soccer so far.

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yeah i would by a use car from him why not, anyway don't worry i think his intentional are good for arsenal.

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Well, he seems to be a good businessman, and a good businessman in sports know more than anything that the best way to make money is by having your team win. good situation for everybody.

What´s going to happen with freddy adu?

His intention is to make money, like anyone else who owns a soccer team. That is not necessarly a bad thing.
The more you win, the more you make.

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