I'd like to ask english supporters:when happen episodes of violence at the stadium others are always guilty?

about rome-manchester utd...do you think only italians are guilty and you are saints?!! please!! when will you learn to take your responsabilities?


Woooo Hooo Kick off time enjoy the game :))?

Nobody said we were saints but did you not see the police beating up on our supporters, and not doing anything to the rome supporters, or in your opinion, this is fair. As I expect if you had been there and it happened to you, you would be saying something completely different.

Football lovers?

I think unless you were actually there it is difficult to say how it started or who was to blame. But I think the tv pictures speak for themselves with regard to the over reaction and violence demonstrated by the Italian police. The reputation of English fans used to precede them, I think the same is now true of the Italian police!

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We haven't killed any policemen recently.

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i think some football fans (if you can call them that) are agressive by nature and cause trouble but these are not the sort of people that respond well when being backed into a corner and these police from rome looked very heavy handed and quite idiotic in there response to a situation that never needed to esculate the way it did. foreign teams cant seem to host european games very well and i think the english police could go over and run some sort of class as things are much better here now! but i suppose next week will tell also.

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the roma fans and police were guilty

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Because we have many years experience of knowing when it is our fault. We also know how to police football matches properly which means that we are also able to spot when the Spanish and Italian police don't know what they're doing and act in a way that is worse than the fans. We spent many years cleaning up our act and sorting out 99% of hooligans, it's time for these supposedly civilised countries to do the same or they should be prevented from hosting european matches in future. The "ultras" and the police are the real villans here. I'm not a football fan (prefer rugby) and even I know it's wrong.

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It is never one sided yes the police over reacted but at the same time both sets of fans were squaring up to each other not only one side was to blame there were bottles and seats being thrown from both sets of supporters

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i take it you dont attend too many games in England where this kind of trouble only happens once in a very blue moon. the police here have developed a very forward thinking way of handling football supporters. there is very little problems in the English leagues and this goes for most of the north euro peon country's ie Holland and Germany and most Scandinavian countries as well.
it seems to me that the Latin nations of Europe are a bit hot headed. you just have to remember the disgraceful actions of the Roma "ultras" getting a home game canceled during the second half of a game as someone had been run over in the street by a police van. where there any real sanctions taken against Roma then? Roma fans start stabbing people after the game and what do the police do? juve get caught cheating and they get away with it as although they where relegated they got all their points back when they really should have been expelled from the Italian league altogether?
it seems to me that the Italian league is a bit on the corrupt side so maybe you should take a look at them before you accuse any English clubs and fans of wrong doing.

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Any loser that thinks soccer players and their dumb game are important are to blame for all the drunken violence. Too bad these people don't have their own lives and could stop watching other people live theirs...

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There's always 2 sides to a story,but I dont doubt there's a minority of "fans"from every club who'd cause trouble wherever they went...On the other hand I've no doubt there's a percentage of foreign police officers that enjoy nothing more than battering a few English heads.

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I am a Liverpool fan and hate Man Utd to the core, but what those Italian police did to those supporters was disgusting, and the Italian F.A. should be made responsible for their actions.It was quite obvious from the TV pictures that the Police were just clubbing anyone who happened to be there regardless of whether they were causing trouble or not. There were no Police on the other side of the barrier to stop the Roma fans inciting the Utd fans

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By some of the answers here, it just pains the English to admit they act up with two beers in them. Please, everywhere there has been trouble, you are there...

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At the end of the day , the Italian police were very unprofessional, they should never be allowed to police future European games until they have had the necessary training . Why were there no police in the Italian divide? Any human being ENGLISH or not will react when confronted by Italian thugs throwing bottles of urine , coins , sticks, stones etc, and what about the stabbings before the match ? no police to arrest the Italian culprits , why not ? i think the ultras were cowardice by kicking it all off , knowing fine well the police would find it much easier battering any English fan in site , rather than have a fight with there own who by looks of it the police were scared to get involved with the Ultras and took the very easy option of as i have said , battering any MAN UTD fan in site who was unarmed and there for the match! the ITALIANS have to get there house in order sharpish , what comes around goes around, pay back is a ** !

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so these so called utd fans were drunk and in the wrong. Funny how when i go to old trafford these same people can buy beer in the ground and there's never any trouble!

Liverpool fans what do u think?

they should ban away supporters at these games

I like soccer but it started before I knew it started so I can't join the team. Should I just practice?

I'd like to ask you why there are never any problems with violence in England for thirty years, and in Italy there are problems every single week...and when English clubs play in Italy , there is ALWAYS trouble. Coincidence??

Not all English fans are angels, but their record is at least twice as good as Italian fans.

And Manc Lass...where exactly in OT can you buy a beer? Answer : YOU CANT (except maybe in the corporate boxes, but I've never set foot in those)

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i don't think ANYONE thinks English fans are saints. Not one English person above me said they are, we know our faults.

We are more critical of our own fans then anyone else. But, what we get fed up with is people assuming that cause we're english we are up for a fight and enjoy fighting. We are fed up with it and the media love it!

And to be honest, with the amount of corruption and violence going on in Italian football, they are not one to talk.

Why does Mourinho always put on a serious face both on and off the pitch?

the english cant accept the concept of guilt as a nation and probably never will!!
(i am english)

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