A Football Pundit said?

Question:That Paul Scholes was the best footballer in the premier league. Should he get the sack for being unqualified.

Most of Arsenal Team when on form are playing the best football, then should I get his job.


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I think that pundit should really get the sack. Scholes is a very good player hands down but he is far from being the best in the EPL. C'mon! There's Henry, Gerrard, Terry and Lampard who I think are much better than him. Also I think Giggs is a better player than Scholes too! Although being the best is subjective I think Scholes haven't reached that greatness yet.

Dealing with your other statement, Arsenal has been one of the major forces in the EPL through history and I think that not losing for almost 50 games straight tells a lot! (The Arsenal team during Vieira's captaincy for me was one of the most entertaining Arsenal sides ever). Peace!

Who is the best footballer inthe world at the moment in the prem or in europe?

For saying that, you have lost your own job.He is one best player in the premier league. It is better you withdraw your statement.

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