Would Man U be at the top of the log if the referee decisions were accurate?

Question:I mean we've all seen the replay all their penalties and there is no doubt 90 percent of them were not penalties but it helped them get 3 points in different games.



What was the final result of oldham vs. brentford?

rite as usual but i think most big team get a little help from the ref all the time it happen before and it always gonna happen.
Man lola.

Who knows who FENERBAHCE are?

name one incident

Is the bloke who is buying Liverpool the same one who started A1GP?

No they would be lower down and they were beaten fairly by Pompey yesterday (apart from the howler by Ferdinand).

Men who play soccer?

NO! they would be mid table!

the amount of times i hear Chelsea Man U and Arsenal players and Managers complaining that a decision hasn't gone there way!

what about all the decisions that doesn't go the opposition way, naming one

Spurs v Man U at Old Trafford couple of years ago when Pedro mendes hit a shot from the half way line which went over the line by at least a metre and it was missed, Hows that?

What happened to the football man dickie davies?

There are lots of times when penalties are given or not given correctly and incorrectly to all teams. We see it week in and out at all levels. It's not just Man U and I doubt your figure of 90% is anywhere near accurate.

Drogba and Rooney!?

why was rooney,s goal chalked off he was clearly on side!

Does anyone know of a website where i can buy a toddlers spurs kit i have tried loads and cant find 1?

ur right man u would be more than 3 points clear at the top of the table if the referee descions were correct

Receive text messages for live matches(soccer)?

Part of what makes team successful is luck - and they do have a lot of luck - but screaming in referees faces also counts for a lot if you nee a decision t go your way.

What are your predictions for the FA cup then?

It could have affected the outcome of the match, perhaps the
football fraternity should look at extra referee's as per Rugby and Cricket, it would certainly show how good a referee
actually is.

Should Steve McLaren go now?

Of course not. The referees give them penalties too easily. Ronaldo is a cheater. He goes down even when there's no contact. He should be banned from football, along with the other cheaters. Most notably Deco and most Spanish and Italians. Referees need to be suspended if they fall for these obvious antics too.

Where did Wynn Davies go on to play after he left Newcastle Utd?

u r absolutely right

Should a team with pink kits be allowed in the Champions League?

They would still be high at the top of the prem

Can fans go to the practice field and watch Premiership clubs practice?

Do i detect a little jealousy there Invansion?? wont get u nowhere. Glory Glory Man Utd :))

When will harry kewell be back from injury?

3 pens against middlesborogh

Has anyone noticed that when watching MLS on TV the fields look smaller than when watching European soccer.?

hey ure not sayin that the devils r winnin by cheatin r ya?
the man utd r at the top coz they r truly the best epl club ok?!

Why did Kahn yelled at Casillas?

I dont know about the log but they are top of the LEAGUE on most games won irrespective of any refs decisions

Man u v milan predictions?

no way

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