A world-wide tournament annually between winners of leage champions. Interested?

I.E.--EPL vs Bundesliga, MLS vs French Orange, a two-legged knock out all the way to the finals--same premise as Uefa champions--draw names and play home-away until Finals, to be held at neutral cites...


Which players from the championship do you think are good enough for the premiership?

That's kinda what Platini is driving towards. I'd be against this type of format only because the top teams in the leagues already have so many more games to play during a season (between cup matches, league games, and UEFA/Champion's League), that one more would only further wear the teams out. They have the Club World Cup, which is the leading clubs from all 6 continental confederations, and even that isn't watched very much.

Why were the ManU players wearing a black band on their arms today?

Although there is already the World Club Cup, I'd still be interested in a tournament like you suggest. Thats not a bad idea.

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