A football question?

Question:Hi, could a football fan answere to the following question, please?

I'd like to know how good these guys play:

Hleb (Arsenal London)
Sturridge (I heard he could become a big star in the future)
Ballack (How good he plays in London?)
Jens Lehmann (Is he a good keeper? )

Do you know the VfB Stuttgart, if you do, are they good?

Thank yu and I'm sorry iff you don't understand the question, I'm not from England


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well as a man. u. fan these players are neither here nor there..however as far as their quality goes..

Hleb: he's a good young player for arsenal; works hard and is a consistent performer...makes some excellent runs and passes sometimes

sturridge: i'm guessing this is daniel sturridge, the striker for man. city reserves..i've heard he has a lot of promise and talent and could become a great england player one day.

ballack and shevchenko: world class players but haven't been doing well at chelsea..don't know if its the nature of the english game that they're not adjusting well to or if its just stinking mourinho and chelsea they can't deal with..

lehmann: superb goalkeeper. definitely one of the top 5 in the world..one of arsenal's strong points.

hope this helped.good luck

oh...i know vfb stuttgart..they are an ok team...i used to follow the bundesliga some years ago..i know klinsmann (my favourite player back then) and dunga used to play for them...


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I'll answer the Hleb & Lehmann for you. In my opinion Hleb is a good work horse for the side, needs to get involved a little more.
Lehmann produces some brilliance now and then but his temperament lets him down, i personally would like to sell him.

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hleb... hes playing alright
Sturridge... dont know who he is
Ballack+Shevchenko... Cant find there footing in English football
Lehmann... good keeper and plays good

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hleb is a good young player he will be 1 for the future.

never herd of sturridge

people are criticising ballack but as a chelsea fan i think hes doing alright in London

Lehman he is a good goal keeper but hes getting a bit old now

shevchenko hasn't had the best start to the season but he needs time to settle in England

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I dont know all of them but i will answer for ballack yes he is a good player although some believe he was better off at his old club..for shevchenko he was a star in his former club AC milan he was bought by chelsea with a huge sum but his form has been dreadful since although i believe he still has it in him so expect greatness from him..Lehmann is a good keeper too...

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does any of this matter?

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From what I've seen...

Hleb has a good workrate but lacks flair.
Sturridge has pace and power, is young and will get better.
Ballack and Schevchenko seem to still be getting used to English football. Class will shine through and I'm sure they'll be 2 of the best players in our league.
Lehman is an ok keeper but is a complete nutter, which will always let him and his team down. Watched him on boxing day and he loses his rag so easily.

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Hleb works very hard, which is respected in English football. He does not make mistakes and is generally a good player, but he is a little limited in his skill.

Lehmann is an excellent keeper, but he is well known for having a bad temper and makes errors sometimes.

Ballack has been ok at Chelsea, but not great. For such an important player, he has not made a big impact yet, but he has had a few very good matches and will probably get better as he settles in to the team.

Shevchenko has been very bad, but many people think that Mourinho is not really allowing him to do well because of Chelsea's system of play, as he has almost no support from the midfield. At the moment, most people think Chelsea have wasted a LOT of money on him.

Sturridge? if you mean Danny Sturridge, he is a young player at Manchester City but as he is only 17, it is diificult to say how good he may be eventually. He has only played a few senior matches at Manchester City, but he has played many times for the England Youth team and has scored many goals, so there is the same kind of excitement about him as there is with Theo Walcott at Arsenal.

And yes, of course we know Vfb Stuttgart... they are doing well at the moment, currently 4th in the Bundesliga I think?

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Hleb -good
Jens Lehmann-he is a good goal keeper
Shevchenko-he is good but he played better at Milan

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Hi I am sorry but I do`nt seem to be able to find out anything about Simon Sturridge except he played nearly 200 games of Football for Birmingham up to 1993 and nothing about Dean Sturridge since he left Queens Park Rangers in 2005. their are three Sturridges I have found Dean, Simon and their nephew Daniel, the only thing I can find out about Daniel is that Stuart Pierce was trying to keep him at manchester City last year.

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OK, he's a good player strong and little aggressive,sturridge he's trying you know he's cumming up little bye little, ballack he would always be ballack that as much i can say about him, Jens he's not my favorite player or keeper in the world but he put allot of afford in his work,Shiva he's trying to came back to form he's not the great player in permership but, i say he have not gatting a lot of supoport from his coach jose, rather craticsm.

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Helb a good midfielder on his day . don't know anything about sturridge ! ballack classy player but still to adjust to prem lge ! lehmann very good keeper but has rush of blood to his head now & again & does stupid things to opponents !! as for stuttgart there a team in deceline since their old manager felix maggart left them to manage bayern munich

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Hleb seems to be one of those "under the radar" players.

Daniel Sturridge?? I don't know much about him. Wiki says he could be big. See link below.

Ballack and Shevchenko are great players who haven't quite lived up to their potential in the Premier League, yet.

Lehman is a hoot! Great keeper and always good for a laugh(as long as you aren't an Arsenal fan). Me and my friends affectionately call him Crazy Jens because you just never know what he's going to do. It could be great, awful, or down-right insane!

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hieb good at his job,sturridge -brill ballack ,and schev ,playing ok not up 2 scrach,dont know much about stutt, i am from england where r u

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Arsenal have just signed Alex Hleb andapparantly found him playing on the street and signed him(?) not sure about that fact but anyhoo)
He could do better, cos arsenal thought he's good (I'm a spurs fan but for arsenal to say your good, you know your good!) but he is still top class

Dean Sturridge (born July 26, 1973 in Birmingham, England) is a football player at Kidderminster Harriers.
He suffered some injuries during the 2005/6 season, and was able to appear only in 11 matches. In December it was announced, that he would be leaving Queen's Park Rangers F.C. He is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 12st 2lb. He is a striker. He has played for Wolverhampton Wanderers (also known as Wolves), Torquay United (on loan), Derby County, Leicester City and Queen's Park Rangers F.C. It was at Derby he began his career helping the team to the premiership scoring more than 20 goals in their promotion season. His first year in the premiership was also successful, scoring 13 goals including one of the goals of the season against Arsenal.
His brother Simon was also a professional footballer, most notably playing for Stoke City and his nephew Danny is an up and coming striker at Manchester City and big things are expected of him.
He has also appeared in the fictional football drama Dream Team (Sky One) as himself as a Harchester United player and was valued as a £7 million player.

Ballack is terrible in London, Chelsea he was better off at Bayern Munich. The German is not suited 4 english football. He's a passer. Not English!

Jens Lehman is good (or gut if HE'S reding it!) Yeah coz he's german. Yeah! Not bad eh? (night schlect eh!)
Any way only 2 probs with him. German & Arsenal!!

Shevchenko. Not given enuf credit internationally. If he was French or German or english (i wish!) hed be better. He is Ukrainian so will never win a World cup if he tried!

Stuttgart are good. Theyv got Lahm (guy who scored 1st ever world cup 06 goal) I think?

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Lehmann is a brilliant goaly he's gonna be an Arsenal legend, Helb alright but he's yet to hit his peak. Yes I'm an Arsenal fan

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