)who (out of curiosity) won the world cup in 1966?



..you're joking, right?

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I think England. It's been 40 long years.

Who do you think is a better player cristiano ronaldo or kaka?

ENGLAND won the one & only FIFA World Cup in 1966 which they also hosted the finals. Sir Geoff Hurst scored a hattrick to give ENGLAND a 4-2 win against WEST GERMANY in the final.

Any one of you manu fan?

England won it, 4:2 after extra time against West Germany

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The winner of the FIFA World Cup in 1966 was England, defeating West Germany after extra time 4-2.

Hi, what do you think about these players?

out of curiosity!!! ya sure. england

How many will Sevilla beat Tottenham by?

The team which won the world cup in 1966 was England and the goals were been scored by Sir Geoff Hurst

Ricardo Carvalho?

The 1966 FIFA World Cup, the eighth staging of the World Cup, was held in England from July 11 to July 30. England was chosen as hosts by FIFA in August 1960 to celebrate the centenary of the codification of football in England. It was a year of triumph for the host nation, as England won the final beating West Germany 4-2, giving them their first (and so far only) World Cup triumph. Today, the 1966 World Cup is recognized as being an important event in the evolution of international football as a player originally from Africa (Portugal's Eus├ębio) finished as top goalscorer, a team from Asia (North Korea) scored one of the biggest upsets of all time, and the victory of an Anglophone nation gaining the sport larger-than-average notice in the United States and Australia.

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England! C'mon England!

Why do we hear so many comments involving race and nationality in football from the various supporters?

ENGLAND!! And just so happened that they hosted the World Cup that year. (i think)?

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