A tricky but simple question!!?

There r two teams A & B.Captain of A says if one member of B joins his team then the number of the members of his team would be two times than the B.But captain of B says, No its not fair if one the members of A comes to his team both teams will have equal members.Do u know how many members both teams have?


Brazil beat chile 4-0 do you know who scored?

A has 7 members, B has 5.


)who (out of curiosity) won the world cup in 1966?

ya the dude who answered first is right!! darn!!

Which channel and time will show al ahly be versing internazionale?

A has 7 B has 5

b-1= 4 , a+1=8
8 is two times 4

a-1=6 , b+1=6

Wayne Rooney picture?

(a) A+1=2(B-1)
(b) A-1=B+1

(a) A+1=2B-2
> A-2B=-2-1

(b) A-B=1+1

(a) A-2B=-3
(b) A-B=2

B=5 <<<<<<<<

A=7 <<<<<<<<

Top speed of a soccer ball?

I was never good at Math...

An add on to why Americans don't LOVE soccer/futbol.?

Ya it's right 7 and 5
But this isn't the right place for math

How will you all spend your Saturday afternoons now that the football season is coming to an end?

A TEAM = 7
B TEAM = 5


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