15,000 prem goal?

Question:14,993 it stands now but who will score the 15,000 goal today

I'm going forAndy Johnson


Do You think capello will lead REAL Madrid to a the lost cup?

Actually, Moritz Voltz for Fulham just scored it against Chelsea.

As if anyone gives a toss about the 15,000 goal in the Premiership. There was quite a LOT of football before the Prmiership started in 1993, y'know.

What team is the best frenchteam in your opinion?

wayne roony

How many quarters are in a football ?

Wayne Rooney(9/10)
Didier Drogba(7/10)

Good luck to both wolves and albion in d playoffs even though i want the wolves to win.?

Van Persie or Drogba or Ronaldo or Martins.

In Football, what X and O represent?

i'll go for saha man united.

What is your prediction for liverpool vrs man u?

Steven Gerrard or bellamy or kuyt.

Chelsea fottball supporters sing a song about celery, what is it ?

Dirk Kuyt or Craig Bellamy for Liverpool.

What footballer has won the english premiership, the champions league, the world cup and the european cup?

Its CONFIRMED Liverpool's Dirk Kuyt!

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