All seater grounds?

real football fans want to stand at football,the people who would rather sit are only tourists on a day out,do you think that if a safe standing system was introduced,it would improve the atmosphere.?


Goals from distance?

My football team has 2 terraces, the home end and the away end and me and the old man prefer to stand. If there were more bars built in (I lean on `em anyway) to make narrow horizontal rows I think it would be safe to stand, and like you said the atmosphere is better. There would have to be a strict limit on the number admitted though.

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lol...when a goal is score...u definitely jump out of ur seat and celebrate

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I definitely think standing would improve the atmosphere. It really annoys me when people moan at you for standing. People like that should not be able to buy tickets.

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when i take my 9 yr old son i prefer seating as he can see and i can't lose him. I'm a real fan (s/ticket at o.trafford), but i prefer seating. I'd think i'd get a bit worried if is was standing and it was crowded.

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I agree if a safe system was introduced then the attmosphere will improve at many grounds.

I went as a child when it was still standing at Highbury and it was safe and a great attmosphere. Adults always let the children to the front so they could see as well whereas if your seated behind a tall person they aren't going to swap seats with you are they.

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Yes of course standingis better. I think if it were sage it would be great to bring back the terraces, but I don't think the clubs would be too interested considering that seating costs more than standing, and they aren't going to give up the money they make selling seats unless they jam pack the terraces, which would make them unsafe.

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not practicle,people get so involved they don't know what they're doing!hence all the accidents.

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nope its safer sitting down
dont ur legs get tired standing up?

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having to sit whilst watching sport is nuts! i love going to watch my local rugby team and usually stand in the terracing. the other day i was given a free ticket to watch sitting up in the stand and it drove me completely crazy. how do you manage to stay in your seat when your team is about to score? or even just when they do something really great?!
it is not a safe standing system you need at football matches, just some respect to those around you.

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most fans stand up,when there team score a goal,,so i am standing up a lot,,,,dont your team ever score

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Know what you are saying, I loved standing at the old Dell, but for safety reasons, we could never let another tragedy like hillsborough ever happen again, one life is bad enough to loose through football, 96 means it could never ever happen again.

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Yes but i like to be able to sit down, Just because of the fact that many a pint has been spilt in standing grounds and i hate to waste a beer!!

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i think that the stadiums should be all seater but have certain sections that you are allowed to stand in so you can say when you are getting your tickets whether you want to be in a seated section or a standing section so you cant complain when you cant see if every one around is standing and your sitting it will improve the atmosphere and hopefully get rid of some if the prawn sandwich brigade that some clubs have

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Stand up if you love standing, Stand up if you love standing!

Wats everybody doing right now?

good question.i certainly think that given the right safety standards an all standing stadium would vastly improve the atmosphere,hope the boys at the f.a are watching..

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well i disagree i went to sunderland v Cardiff and they have standing for away fans i though it was crap couldn't see any of the game so it was a waste of £50 Ive got a sunderland season ticket and go to away games so i am a real fan just not my fault iam small

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