$250M to play soccer? Kinda makes a Heart surgeon underpaid?

What a crazy mixed up world, I'm sure it's nice if you're on the receiving end, but defies any logic!!


Will i get hurt if i play with a quality football barefooted?

Defies logic? Actually if you apply logic you can understand it easily. They are paying him money to try to attract fans that will spend money, he is an investment not only in a player on the team but they are banking on an attraction as well. Does this belittle a heart surgeon, no, it's just a different business. They are paying him that much betting that he will help bring in more money.

Spurs 0 v Man Utd 4. Sun 04 02 2007?

I totally agree. I'm so tired of these overblown, overpaid professional athletes and the hero-like status they acquire.

Does anyone know a Spanish old song sung by football supporters recently at the Spain v England game?

He's only getting 51 from the Galaxy the rest is endorsements

Most overrated transfers of all time?

it's ridiculous. in no way should someone who 'entertains' be paid that much. i don't care if you're playing a sport (some refer to as 'kids' game) or in the movies or whatever. you are entertaining!! all the people that save lives and build structures and everything that is needed in human life doesn't even come close to what tom cruise would make for 1 movie..or a-rod for 6 months of 'work'.

What is Manchester United's motto?

The Yanks aren't stupid. They know that they'll treble anything Beckham gets. You can't blame him for making the money. If he took less then the sponsors would take more. It's all down to merchandising and spin offs. Don't forget that the money now being ploughed into the league will filter down and benefit all. Sadly this commercial planet doesn't value people like heart surgeons but you shouldn't really compare the two. They should be looked at in isolation. The USA is the world's expert on making money and greed there is a way of life. How come we don't hear the same arguments about famous actors, singers, politicians, businessmen etc.? If Madonna does a tour and nets $100m nobody bothers. When the cast of Friends asked for and got over $100,000 per episode with royalties from showing all over the world nobody bothers. When the Executives from Enron creamed of millions nobody bothered. I could go on.

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