According to you, do you think that david beckham has underachieved as a player when he was at real madrid?

i mean, let's face it, he was at the club for four seasons- and since real madrid bought him from man united, real madrid won nothing. therefore, in my eyes, he has underchieved in spain. real madrid didn't buy him because he was an excellent player- technically he is not. they bought him to sell shirts, which is wrong in itself. not only that they had previously turned down ronaldinho because according to the club, he was too ugly. well at least he is a much skillful player than beckham- he can dribble, pass, try flicks, the whole lot. which makes me wonder why some people consider beckham to be a world class player when is anything but that. he was and is not the most successful english player abroad so to speak- for me, it was and is ex-liverpool winger steve mcmanaman. he won 2 league titles and 2 champions leagues titles with real madrid; something of which beckham himself has never accomplished. why do you think beckham failed in spain? how would you rate him as a player?


Was Beckham's contract way too insane??

beckham cant head the ball,he cant/wont tackle he has no pace about him and his skill levels are on a par with much less lauded players than him.his free kick rate of actually scoring is poor-looks good when they go in though!!
the only thing he can do is cross the ball-and when theres someone waiting on the end of it who knows where hes going to put the ball it can be a lethal weapon for a team.
the only reason he gets the plaudits are his looks,but id take ronaldinho every day because as well as his genius with a football-he also plays the game with a big smile-the way it should always be.
as an englishman who was fed up of the beckham brand about 4 years ago its a blessed relief to me that hes off to america-and with any luck ill never see him or his irritating talentless matchstick of a wife again!!!

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his only ability is passing freekicks and corners enough said.

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I had no idea who this dude was until i heard his name on the radio yesterday. but all that said, the report was that he is a mediocre player at best.

Is there anybody who doesn,t care at all about football?

bloody women getting involved in football again! go and put the breakfast out and dont ask questions about things you will never understand. 5 managers in 4 years have caused the problem, not Beckham

i dont, but you are talking crap .. steve macshitaman is a parrasite who isnt fit to be mentioned in the same paragraph as David Beckham

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real madrid r bastards

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beckham doesnt do a lot of things, but the thing he does, passing, corner kicks and deadly freekicks he WAS the best. Not a very complete player. In other areas he is subpar. What he underachieve on the field, he compensate for OFF the field. More people look at Real Mandrid, watch world cup, buy real Madrid merchandise becoz of him.

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Beckham was a great player, I can only think that those who knock him as a footballer know jack sh1t about the game. A couple of years ago he could have walked into any team in the world - does that make him mediocre as one person suggests? I don't think so. He was the 1st on the team sheet at Man Utd, and the 5th most capped English player in history - does that mean great mangers like Ferguson are poor judges of ability? I don't think so.

The question implies that it is Beckams fault as an individual that Real Madrid won nothing which is nonsense of course - you could point to any number of world class player there and say its their personal fault Real have won nothing recently.

Beckhams only fault is his relentless pursuit of media attention and his awful wife.

He was a great England Captain, a great player and fantastic Ambassador for the English game.

Why dont you ring Alex Ferguson and ask if he was any good?

I suggest you keep your ill informed opinions to yourself.

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beckham had some ability and even appeared to improve when he first got to Real, going past people for the first time. however, i think he (and many England players) have been overrated for a long time by a media which knows football sells.

i think his moment of clarity came with his tears in the portugal game of the world cup, when he realised - once again - that england were not going to get any better than they'd been in the rubbish opening match with Paraguay.

as for Madrid, it is a team game and so beckham can't really take any blame. their "galacticos" policy is self-evidently a disaster though and i'm glad the Harlem Globetrotters of European football failed. Beckham in the states is just another move for the brand. i'm not too surprised.

Did you expect the hammers to go down?

the reason that madrid failed, with or without beckham is that they never replaced claude makelele...his sale ensured that the madrid midfield was much too lightweight without any defensive players in my opinion, beckham is a good player, not a great one, hes not the only one who under achieved for england.look at our woeful world cup with a clueless, tactically incumbent manager, thats where the main fault lies for the majority of beckhams england career.good question with lots of variating answers...

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good one you for giving that nerd a good telling off, I totally agree with you , he is overrated , if he stuck to his football more and not that modelling and promoting * then maybe he would have achieved more, but it is like him going from a top team now to one that is bottom of the league and YES they will love him in the USA because who are LA anyway!!

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2 things as a business transaction it worked, and man utd got £25million for a disruptive element.

real have deep rooted problems with the whole selecting managers system too many cooks scenario.

What is the best england line up?

What? For a no more than average British footballer he has overachieved massively. David Beckham is probably the most successful British footballer ever and yet, measured against the skills of a Best, Marsh or Gascoigne he doesn’t even come close. Its our ridiculous celebrity culture that’s made him a star, not his football ability. I bet he can’t believe his luck…….

Why do teams that dnt play football go thru?(liverpool)?

Beckham was never generally considered to be a world class player. He is considered a good player by his fans. He is an average player.

But you can't blame only him for Madrid's failure. Their approach to the game is wrong. They are influenced by their snobbish supporters who want big names and stars at Bernabeu. You see, it continues this season. They are hopeless. Beckham probably did his best though but he is no Ronaldinho or Zidane. BTW, Zidane failed in the last two seasons too, so did Ronaldo and others. It seems now that whoever goes to Real M. can kiss his career goodbye.


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