2007 summer world cup!!??

Question:i know that there was the 2006 world cup, were italy won and thats every 4 years. and then is there another world cup thing that is every 2 years? is this fifa also?? and i live in toronto and i heard that this two year event is happening in toronto!! is this true?? and does canada/ torontoo have a soccer team?

thanks so much!!


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this year CANADA is hosting the 2007 FIFA Under-20 World Cup in June 2007. the tournament is held every 2 years & CANADA will send an under-20 football team for this tournament as they are the host nation. the FIFA Under-20 World Cup is organized by FIFA.

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There is a FIFA U20 ( players must be under 20 years old )world cup this year in Canada. Here is the offical home page.


To answer your second question, yes Toronto does have a soccer team..


hope this helps you.

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Canada has a national team and a new MLS team that just got added this year, Toronto FC. I don't know what other world cup you're talking about, maybe you're thinking the Gold Cup. That's just North and Central America.

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Yap Canada has a football team and is competing on the under 20 world cup! =] The other competition that happens each two years after the world cup is a Euro, that only competes European nations though.

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I think the cup you are talking about that is taking place this summer is called the Copa America. The US doesn't necessarily participate full-heartedly in this even because they believe the FIFA World-Cup is more valuable to win. The Copa America is pretty much just another tournament for national teams to compete in, if i remember correctly, and it takes place this summer. The other world cup thing that happens every two years i believe is the EURO Cup, correct me if i'm wrong i'm a little hazy on that. And yes, i believe Canada has a team.

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As for Europe, European Championship take place every 4 years, alternating with World Cup (next Euro, 2008); European Championship for national teams featuring players under 21 take place every two years.

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