A footballer who played for watford liverpool astonvilla westham mancity portsmouth and england thankyou?


Best Goal Ever?

David James.

Who won the FA cup and Never scored a goal? Never or Nether was players name.?

David James

Is Kaka good at tricks?

David James
its my b-day tomorrow

Who is the best soccer player and wrosler?

Calamity James

How many times has Hreidarsson been relegated?

dat guy wat always has SHOCKING hairstyles

i think his name is....David James

Which current premership footballer has played in all four leagues the conference and a champions league final

i'm one of the worlds worst at remembering answers to quiz questions but even i got this one (david james)

How to do a good dribble(football,soccer)?

errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr could it be david james

When will the D.C. United game schedule be posted and tickets be available for purchase.?

Julian Dicks or David James

Will Tevez stay or go?

David James.

Will man utd win the premiership?

David James

What is the most prestegious cup in soccer/football?

Calamity James.

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