2 part question>> do west ham deserve to be relegated; should man.u. have beaten newcastle?

Question:lol...west ham NIL reading SIX..worst i've seen in a while...lol...wonder if any poor hammer supporters are still laughing at the man. u. win the other day..lol..i do hope they get relegated...

i thought we should have won...we conceded that second goal completely against the run of play.took the foot off the gas and allowed the stinking magpies in...i was so upset


In football, do the players know when there is 1 min left, or 1 min of extra time left, and how?

West Ham shuold be regulated because theyre slack what the hell was that game lol. 6 nil my god
Man Utd should of one theyre were so many oputunitites but they didnt take em.
but main thing is that MANCHESTER UNITED are gonna win the premiership!!!

How much does it cost man utd each year to pay off officials,??

man utd should definetly have won today we had so many oppurtunities. and whyyyy did park play? why didnt sir alex take him out??

Does anyone else think lampard is talking crap?

Man U definitely deserved the win, the second goal for struggling Newcastle was very lucky, and the first one was a brilliant shot. Besides that Man U were completely dominant and were also unlucky on a few chances.

West Ham, with Alan Curbishley at the helm will need some time to develop with a new coach and new styles and strategies of play. They are playing badly, but do have the potential and talent to win and perform.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... I just woke up! What was the result between Chelsea and Man Utd?

yes west ham deserved to be relegrated. manu must not beat newcastle. in fact it should lost.

Who scored in australias 2-0 win over china 2day ?

yeah West ham awful 6-0 thats the worst lsoe this year and the best win and Go Newcastle because i go for th Blues.

Are Chelsea a small team with lots of money?

After losing 6 nil to reading yes def!what the hell ya on abt!ye were lucky 2 get a draw!newcastle had plenty of chances as well!sky repeat all ur utds chances cos their always biased towards the bigger teams!but to be honest a draw wos a fair result.neither team deserved to lose in such a gd game!

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