4mins extra time 2nite?

Hope they do win tonight, but my question is: How many minutes will be added on: As its Man Utd..I suggest 4, as it is always 4 minutes, what do you think?


HELP!! does any 1 know what channel manu v roma is on on the 4th of april thanks a lot.?

3 minutes

That bird commentating on match of the day killed the bludy game, do you agree?

5 mins

Is mexico's nat'l team overrated?

it depends what the score is, if man u are winning then 0 mins

Why is football called soccer in America?

Spot on they always get 4.1 for each penalty decision per game which isn't given against them!!

Which is best site(paid/not paid) to watch online streaming soccer..?

However long it takes for Man Utd to score!!

Why is that ?

i dont care how many mins of xtra time there is all i know is that man u will beat milan!

Will brentford end there losing run?

No we're goin for 6 mins tonight lol :) Glory Glory Man Utd

Don't ya just hate.?

4. but man u will be 3-1 up at this time so it wont matter!

Anyone seen a stadium on fire?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nypYVhnGbcQ?

Well if Ronaldo stayed on his feet a bit more then maybe it wouldn't be so long.

Where can i find and adults 5 a side kit for less than £60?

Bitter much?

Actually a stat that may interest you: According to The Telegraph, the team that often sees the most amount of stoppage time, on average is Bolton Wanderers. Manchester United were 14th. I also remember that NONE of 'the big four' were even in the top 6, which was admittedly a surprise to me as well.

Also, this whole 'Fergie time' thing seems to have grown in popularity since the Champions League final in '99, Here's a fact: There was only 3 minutes of stoppage time that night. Not much really. So STFU.


To OSPREY. Ha. Another bitter loser? I think so. Match fixing is an Italian thing mate, not something you find in the English game.

Does Cristiano Ronaldo have a wife?

Obviously 4 mins but it will be no good as they will be well beaten by then.Milan are just too good for them

Please can anyone tell me about a player called 'Peters' who played for Fulham and QPR?

.there shouldn't be extra time anyway, it's a modern phenomenon.It was not allowed except at the ref's discretion.
Now you wonder sometimes where the hell they get it from

Tell Me The Correct Prediction of your and win 10 Pts.?

All Man Utd fans are 13 year old girls with problems who dont even watch football

Who thinks Chelsea has more jam than hartleys?

I love your sense of humour!

If we're winning then 1min but if we're losing, another 45mins should be enough!

Best looking player in the premiership?

Added time goes on till united score. Thats the unoffical old trafford rule, like when ruud van horseface wasn't allowed to be given offside

Where will Robbie Fowler go now, as he has been released by Liverpool?

3 minutes

Which was the most exciting EPL team of all time.?

If Milan are in a good position come that time of the game they might consider themselves fortunate with four mins. seven has been called at old traff. in the past.
Having said that, Milan will have the luxury of a foreign ref. so at least we will see someone in charge who couldn,t give a fcuck about ferguson.
As for RobO the statistician the added time only comes into play when man u require it but proper football fans already know that of course.
The reason bolton are in the super league for added time is because it takes forever while their players walk the length of the pitch to blow kisses and wave to their twelve supporters after being subbed while some dick head ref stands looking on in awe. Is it also a coincidence that another cheating b,stard is in charge of this lot as well

eminem fan have you ever thought of writing a book?

check it out RobO the statistic man I don,t know if you were around in the sixties but brush up on your history anyway you might just come accross a few fixed ones.

Who is gonna win the USA vs. MEXICO soccer match tonight?


Any brave big mouthed Roma fans on here ?? 5-0 and counting.?

the minutes added is moot and academic...

glory man utd.

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