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Question:Can you play international football for a country that you were born in, but not a citizen of? or do you have to get citizenship before you can play for them? For example, Simone Perrotta was born in England, but returned to Italy when he was six, if Italy never called him up and he doesn’t have English citizenship, would England be able to pick him straight away?

A more extreme case would be if a footballer was born while their parents are on holiday, say in Italy. Him and his parents are Spanish and they returned to Spain after two weeks. Would he be eligible to play for Italy (country of his birth), even though neither him or his parents have set foot in Italy for 20 years?


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Each country has different citizenship rules. The only thing you can't do is play for two different national teams. The player with dual citizenship much decide before he is 18 what country if any he will play with. Once he suits up he can't change.

You could play for the national team without ever having set foot in the country you are citizen of. This has happened before. Trinidad and Tobago played a guy in the last cup whose grand-mother was from Trinidad.

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The only requirement for international selection is, depending on the country, either citizenship or having an ancestral connection to said country, a classic example of this is Mauro Camoranesi, he played on the Italian world cup championship team despite having been born and raised in Tandil, Argentina. He was even criticized for not being able to sing the Italian national anthem before games because he didn't know the words.

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