A yank would like to know?

i think the NFL (American football) is going to have a game in London this year. just wondering , who would go? please no "we know what real football is". i know what it is. Atletico Madrid and PSV are my Euro teams. sorry i don't have a EPL team. would you go? or know someone who will. please no anti-american stuff. its just a question. if i wanted to know that i would have asked 'how much do you hate americans?' haha


Who is the most successful football team in England?

I am from the UK and to be honest I prefer American football to soccer. I used to support the San Francisco 49ers and Jo Montana was like my idol, I had posters of him all over my wall. A friend of mine who I used to work with used to play American football in the UK, there are quite a few teams and it is apparently getting bigger here. By the way I have never met an American I hate yet, I will be over there again in April and never tire of their friendliness and humour.

Lets see who are the real fans Chelsea?

lots of people will attend the match, most of them will be wearing burkahs...

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uesd to watch it late at night and went to the Dallas Cowboys a few, like over 10 years ago. took forever, so i dont think i'll go and have heard about it on the radio and the announcers said that they would be surprised if more than a couple of thou went.

Jose Mourinho and his dog both barking?

i tried watching the game when they first showed them on telly quite a few years back,but i just could not get used to it & because it also goes on for so long,and i dont hate americans
why should i

dsw london ,england
stay happy

I have been lead to believe that real mancunians are dyed in the wool city fans is this so?

hmmmm, ill go if you get me some tickets?

i warn you though, ill be in the stands shouting 'HANDBALL!' every two seconds!! hahaha (it is called football after all?)

haha, i love tormenting you silly americans. i mean really...who calls trousers pants?!

FA Cup Final : MU vs Chelsea. 10 pts to first correct score prediction. Quick! Only 10 mins to start of game!?

Hopefully the dregs of our society are not out today and you wont get too much abuse. Me personally I wouldnt go.Our sport here is Football..(kicking ball with the foot), not handball and throw...we call that Rugby...and with no padding.., not having a dig I promise. If you want a team to support in Europe you could pick better than the two you have, but its a start I suppose. Keep watching and enjoying our game, and if you want a good english team to support you could always adopt my team SOUTHAMPTON.We got a lot of work to do before the end of our season to gain promotion back to the premiership where we belong, but were doing real good at the moment, currently joint 4th.

Who is the best soccer player in the world under 21 years old?

My brother probably will, as he's an American football fan. I'm more of a hockey man myself. I'm a San Jose Sharks fan.

Pepe Reina house has been burgled?

Will look out for that one!!

How can i join division 2 football club in England?

Hi. My stepson is a keen fan of NFL and would go. He supports the Bengal Tigers. Bless. Watches it all the time on Sky tv. Like me he also supports Manchester United (EPL). We live just north of Manchester, about 200 miles from London.

Is goal scoring a matter of BEING ABLE TO SCORE or mere luck?

I used to watch it when it was given a regular airing on TV... I think it was Channel 4 in the mid 80's

Went to go and see a live game when in the States one time (Miami playing someone.. forget who) and thought how desparately dull and boring it was. That the TV editing was vary very flattering of the game. The stadia events to me were just dressing up a sad and meaningless game.

So No I wont be going to see any more American Football, in my view it doesn't compare favourably with games like Football, Rugby League & Union.

I admire the precision that allows a quarterback to throw a ball to a wide receiver to catch... but after that its left for dead by either Rugby code, although I far prefer League to Union... that is much more demanding in my books. As far as Rugby goes, Its always seemed odd to me that League isnt played in the States, rather than Union.. League is much more the American style than Union

Is anyone embarrassed to be a Soccer fan due to the players being so..weak?

There is a very small hardcore group of American football players and supporters.
Expat Yanks.
Impressionable young teenagers.
And a smattering of tourists and the idle curious.

No-one else.

Would I go?
I wouldn't be seen dead in the place.

Is sunderland vs. west brom on itv 1 or not?

If it was oop north, I'd probably think about it. I quite enjoy American Football & I definitely prefer it to egg chasing (Rugby) I even used to have a 49ers kit that my dad brought back from the States years ago, it was great! And, even more bizarre, when I was in primary school, we weren't allowed to play 'soccer' incase we smashed windows, so we used to play 'football' with a pair of gloves turned inside out! Ridiculous!

I am looking for a video clip of a goal?

Used to watch on the TV years ago and got quite into it. 49ers were my team and they came over and played in London-against the Miami Dolphins if I remember correctly- and I was lucky enough to go and see them. All the fans were mixed in together and the atmosphere was electric and really friendly-in and out of the stadium.

Wouldn't go now though, to answer your question, but only because it's no longer an interest of mine. If I were a fan still I would though-and I'd have no qualms taking the kids either.

Who do u think will win arsenal or chelsea?

Depends on the price. I went to the very first American Bowl at Wembley between Dallas and Chicago in 1986, and given I was behind the endzone at about ground level saw diddly-squat of the game. That's all right for an excitable teenager, but now I'm old and tired I'd want a decent stand seat to see the action, and I think that would price me out of the market. It would also depend on getting mates to go down with me and make a day of it in London, and also who it's between ... as a Skins fan, no way I'm going to watch Cowboys - Giants as I'd be hoarse with booing by the end of the first quarter! :)

FASHION relating to SOCCER...!?

Won't be going, sorry. Soccer there, is probably as big as American football is here?

The game will pass by here, with only a few groups of supporters watching it. A huge majority of people in England won't even know that there is an American football game taking place. A huge majority of people nationwide, would not be able to name a single team that play your game.

American football was shown here many years ago but it never took off.

You don't do yourselves any favours by calling your game football. Our game is over 100 years old. You are seen to be copying us and we object to you calling it Soccer, which as you can see, is not it's name.

Nr. London.

Arsenal vs spurs (carling cup) predictions?

I live in the US now but also lived in England. American football is pretty similar to a game thats already popular in England(rugby union) so its not going to be highly televised. This is similar to Man U and Real Madrid having a game here in the US. The stadium will be packed but the TV audience will be very low..

Will David Beckham save soccer in the United States?

I love American football as well as the real version. It would be great to have a game in London at least once a year because i would certainly go as well as many other. The stadium would be packed because many Americans over here would go to it

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