A serious question to arsenal fans...?

Question:What are your thoughts on Wenger stating that he wont be buying any players in the summer... Do you think this is a smart move or completely insane.

I know the team they have at the moment is great but surely you can always get better??


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I hadn't heard that statement but if it's true then i'm a little worried. With the team he has onece all the players are settled and the key ones are injury free I think they can challenge for honors next year. But only if one or two experianced players were added and some players are moved on.

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Fisrtly i want to tell that i believe that wenger is one of the best couthces, with the expeption of adebayor he is great in discoverin talents so if u ask me they should sell ade and buy a better in his position! however the fact that he is goin to save money and work his current team better may be risky but i trust wenger.. i think he knows what he is doing! Arsenal doesnt lack of talent they need just more work, they have many young players! remember my words theo walcott will be great next season after some matches..

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he never says he will buy any players anyway then all of a sudden he will sign 2.

but we need 2-3 worldclass players.

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It is a smart move because arsenal have so many young players and they need to develop. but it wouldn't hurt to bring a striker like trezeguet.

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It is good to develop so many young players either from the academy or through transfer.

But it is NOT NUCLEAR enough to win against a certain Russian outfit in London.

BTW, love your avatar. I hope you like mine.

Has big Sam lost the plot, newcastle are a small team that will never win anything,must be a big pay rise.?

He said a couple of months ago he would buy 1 or 2 players for the summer.Who knows whats going on at Arsenal these days? Trust in Wenger,he's hardly going to jeopardise what he's worked at all these years.

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to be honest, with all the speculations happening at the emirates stadium and the gooners saddled with huge debts, they can't really do much in the transfer market...

well they have to buyr relatively unknown and cheap players and pray hope that they will discover the next viera or henry... brave words for wenger...

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He will definitely buy at least two in the summer with a few getting sold. One will be a goalie and the other I think will be either a left back, that will then let Clichy play left midfield.

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Why should he tip is hand now and let Chelsea, Man Utd and LIverpool know of players he might be interested in and start a bidding war.

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