1-what do i need to be avery good football player2-what do i need 2 be agood attack player3-how can i be fas ?


With city about to give Utd a footballing lesson?

1. speed & quickness - vision - technique - work hard off the ball - always keep cool
2. to be a great striker you need to be able to finish with both feet and your head, be able to create space and get away from your defender, anticipate the ball and always get the ball on target.
3. short sprints uphill, sprints in the water, sprinting on snow, sprinting on sand, weight training, playing other sports like badminton or tennis. be creative.

Bottom line is: if you want to be a great football player you need to live, eat and breathe football. Study it, learn it, and practice every chance you get. Don't just watch football games, analyse every aspect. Look at how the players move, pass, how are they positioned? where are they in relation to the other players on the field?

These are only some basic ideas. Football is a very technical and strategic sport based on physical preparation, mental toughness. But remember to have FUN!

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Practice makes perfect.there is no way of cheating your way out of it.

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