Aaron Lennon is a Super player?

i love the way he plays similar to Giggs when he was young but oh so quickk him on left wing and ronaldo on the other. Defenders Nightmare when you have these two on the wings and powerful strikers like Rooney, Larson and Saha


Hy what u think about David Backa super model or football player?

Still not as classy as Cesc, and when he's up against a good left back he's mediocre. He is fast but looks better than he is because of the team he's playing for. He stands out because they only have two/three good players.

Where is woodgate going next season?

no i donĀ“t think so.. there are better players

What does it take to become a head coach of a soccer team?

When he gets stronger and more experienced he'll be world class. He needs a sensible coach to bring him on.

No, missed the match unfortunately.

If Cristiano Rolando was for sale, what price tag should Sir Alex stick on him ??

he's an average winger, I haven't seen anything that makes him "special" yet.

Was it worth the expense ?

he is good , but comparing him to giggs when he was young, not a chance

Whose better ManU or Chelsea??

for someone of such a young age Aaron Lennon is definitely one of the best wing prospects the England team has seen in a while, but he is a just still a prospect. for spurs he has developed well and is an influential player in the first team. how he continues to perform and develop will be watched by many at the lane and no doubt by the England managerial set up. at the lane this season i have seen him run through teams and deliver some deadly final balls but he can seem reluctant to take shots when running across the face of goal. his crossing ability although good needs consistency. but as a loyal spurs supporters i have high hopes. he could be a legendary player for us. i would hate to see him move to a top four club as he would be in danger of becoming the next Sean wright Phillips and that would cost England dearly.

What are good soccer boots for a defender?

Spurs and England have got themselves a 1st choice, top drawer right winger for a good few years to come.

Why do English football supporters have high pitched voices ??

Yeah! You are right, he indeed is in such superb form and he is wreaking havoc to most defenders. I hope he continues to maintain such form throughout the season.

What medal did jose mourinho throw away?

but wasted at spurs

Sky 2 last night..Greatest goals ever against Man Utd?

From what i've seen of him he's going to be a class act.

Will New Zealand ever have a team in the soccer world cup or should we stick to rugby?

Yes this kid is qaulity he"s gonna be one of the best players in the world just look at how he tears apart defenders aint no stopping dis boy

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