After Mondays fa cup draw which gave my team Stoke an aways match at Fulham or Leicester?

im still sticking with my prediction of a Stoke v Chelsea cup final,lol.Do you agree with me


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i think you are half right too, Stoke will get to the final,but they will meet Portsmouth, who will knock out Man U next round !

My fellow ManUtd fans don't be dissapointed about Yersterday's badluck look at our season like this?

I think it's 50 % right chelsea will be in the Final but not Stoke

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now, from a leicester based guy myself... i have to say there will be no chance of stoke being in the final, it will be the mighty urm

fulham probably

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it doesnt matter who is the opponent, but chelsea will prevail


hahaha as funny as it sounds it might be possible becuase Manchester United and Arsenal have two tough matches. I picked an Arsenal Manchester final becuase I believe Chelsea cannot beat many teams on the road at the moment because of all the injuries.

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fulham are due a good run in a cup competition, well i think they will get to round 5 anyway.bye bye potters...fulham 2 stoke 0

Mickey Corleone, Ian Poulter, Rory McGrath, Gus off eastenders... we gave your boys one hell of a beating!?

Chelsea is a good bet to be in the Final as their bogey team (Liverpool) is out. So are Arsenal, Man Utd which have a good chance to be in the Finals. I don't fancy Stoke to do well in the FA Cup, but I do like to see an underdog team playing in the Final. It will be a David vs Goliath match. Wish you luck.

Do u agree that Chelsea vs Man Utd will be the champions league final?

bolton v wolves,the 2 original wanderers,in the new wembley.wolves fans know i'm 50%right!!bungalo'shighcroftfc...

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Stoke City will travel to Fulham for the 4th round of the FA Cup. as for the final, i don't think they will progress that far, probably be eliminated here in the 4th round.

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