After DC United and Houston's elimination Do you still think american soccer is better than Mexico's?


When did teams first start having big sponsors logos on their shirts?

Whether or not MLS clubs are better than Mexican clubs is debatable, but one thing is certain: American soccer is competitive and getting better all the time, despite inconsistent results. I look at it this way: the US failed to qualify for the 1954 World Cup, the 1986 World Cup, and all of the World Cups in between. Since then, however, it has turned things around in a big way: the US has qualified for every WC, occasionally moving past the first round. And they've been one of the few CONCACAF teams to consistently play well against Mexico in the qualifying round.

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Good question. It would appear not... but the Pachuca - Houston game was great!

Did the jockabites win ?

i never thought american soccer was better than mexico's...this only further proves my point.

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No Mexican soccer is way better.

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Not on the club level. Yet. But we (US) routinely win concacaf when qualifying for the World Cup is on the line and that to me is more important. I don't even like any of our club teams, but have to admit I was hoping DC United and Houston would both beat out Chivas and Pachuco.

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yes, mls has the resources.

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