After tonights woeful showing...can liverpool gain revenge over arsenal in the carling cup on tuesday?


9 points clear!! boy does it feel good!?

No way! Liverpool will still lose to Arsenal this coming Tuesday.

How many of you..?

no idea - it's a game of chance I believe

Has anyone met?


Sheffield Utd didn't deserve that?

Wheres the revenge in beating the arsenal under 21 team? Makes ya feel big does it?

What is happening to football?

who cares about English football !!
from everyone at the Scottish football section
wagon too far !!
we are the people !

Wat team do u support?

c`mon the Hoops

Which scotish team come from england?

yeah Liverpool were woeful in 1st half but not in the 2nd half! Liverpool were awesome in the 2nd half, always pressuring the arsenal defense all the time in the 2nd half but the genius Henry make the game end for the wonderful goal..if Henry did not score, Liverpool would have equalize and make the game to extra time...

How come some soccer balls cost like $100? What's wrong with the $20 ones?

Who cares!!!??!!!!...
Football is for sissies and it sucks!!!!!!!!!...

What is the mandatory retirement age for a soccer player?

No.. arsenal fast flowing football is unstoppable...
i have my utmost respect for arsenal even though i'm a man u fan...

What year did Arsenal win their first double?

I think Tuesdays game will be different both teams will field weaker teams.
Two real good sides so it should be a good game. Its a possible European place so both teams will want it.

Who do you think plays best football in the world?

Liverpool will probably win because Arsenal will probably play mostly reserves and I don't see Liverpool losing at Anfield again, but I hope Arsenal win since I'm a Gunners fan.

Who will Liverpool sign for the coming transfer window?

Depends - which Arsenal turn up !

If the Saturday Arsenal turn up then Scouses do not stand much of a chance, however, if a limp uninspired Arsenal turn up & Henry is having an off day then Liverpool might be in better steed.

Personally, not being a fan of either but having a soft spot for Arsenal, I would like to see a repeat result from yesterdays game.

Who is the best football team of the last 7 years ever?

I think Arsenal just has more depth at the moment than Liverpool. With the return of Henry we can expect Arsenal's potency to improve. At the moment I don't see how much improvement Liverpool can make with its present set of players. So my answer is :on assessing both teams at the moment and on the strength of their recent showings Arsenal has the edge but then again anything can happen in soccer.

Ac milan winning the champions league?

No - They are not as good as they think they are!!

What is the rule to win the championship in EPL, do they have play offs as in other leagues?

no chance

Which english team has a put on every corner of their home ground?

Not a chance!

But its gonna a different story if Arsenal 'give it away' as present. ;-)

Football Managers?

I certainly hope so, do`nt you think Liverpool were better in the second half?

Do you think that barcelona will win the spanish league for this year?

i dont think that any liverpool fans would see that as true revenge, as the carling cup isn't as prestigious as the FA Cup.

They are certainly capable of beating Arsenal if they play well, but its not going to be seen as much of a revenge. Especially after the way they were so thoroughly destroyed by Arsenal for the second time this season.

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The game on Tuesday does not have the same importance as the FA Cup. Mr Benitez has already stated that he intends to make a number of changes to the Liverpool side, and i expect Arsene Wenger to do the same. Arsenal are already without Adebayore, Gallas, and Fabregas, and Eboue and V Persie both picked up knocks in the game last night.
I watched the game on TV, as i am sure many other people did, and was surprised at how lacklustre Liverpool where in the first half. They actually played into Arsenals hands, as the Gooners pressurised Liverpool and never gave them any time on the ball. This led to gaps appearing between Liverpools back four and Midfield, which Arsenal exploited by scoring two goals. The second half saw Liverpool start strongly, and they bombarded Arsenal, but even though Kuyt pulled one back, Arsenal always looked dangerous onthe break, and Henry sealed the win with the 3rd goal.
Tuseday will not see such a high scoring game, and i expect to see the Gooners come away with another victory.

Who's Liverpool's best ever striker?

i still think they will struggle against the youth team on Tuesday

England U21's?

We will

The best football match you have seen in World Cups?

of course they will not be able to beat arsenal. 3rd victory's a charm :)

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