Question:The other day, a guy on here was worried about the number of foreign players in our leagues. Mark Noble, at West Ham came through our Academy. He is 19.
Yesterday, he scored and looked one of the best players on the field. Don't know about any other clubs, but more will come thru' WHU. What are your academies like?


Tickets for yeovil v blackpool at wembley 27 may 2007?

what i think is that young english talents are drying out. even at the hammers.
there are official reports to back that. time sport has recently pusblished a series or articles to explain this event!
one simple explanation: east end population is changing. more and more asians are moving into the area. while white people are going elsewhere. while am not being racist, being asian myself, i would point out that asians don't usualy chose sports, especially football as a career path.
the white people who move out find that local gorunds are not adequate to further their interest in football.
another explanation: school finishes at 3 n leaves potential stars only minimal training thruout a normal school week.
other big football nations are building academies intigrating a full educational life-as Bayern Munich has done.
we can c that with the amount of foreigners in the EPL.
youngsters are not encouraged to develop their skill, instead they are told to produce a more basic game: how many english players can reproduce the game of C. Ronaldo? none.
We need to react quickly.

How many Man U fans are happy that the scousers beat the tossers of Chelski?

David Beckham has set up an academy next to what will be the new "O2" music venue (was the Millenium Dome). Obviously it is fabulous because it is to do with Mr Beckham!

I don't think Sheffield United will get promoted from the Championship next year after relegation. Do you?

ldz ov players has *** thru sunderlands acandemy and went far we have grant leadbitter who came thru owa academy and he is doin quite well also we have just sold ben alnwick who's just been sold to tottenham *** frm owa academie and we have a under 18 jamie chandler who is playin for england's under 18 squad

England fans...?

Manchester United have the best acadamy in Britain but even we are a little dry in terms of real quality we had in the 90s. I do think with a footballing genius like Fergie though who has this ability to spot and the nuture british talent that the next bunch isnt to far away.

PS bast@rd villa

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