...so pissed-off we didn't beat Chelski today! Before the Game, I'd have happily settled for 3-3. But...

Question:...we blew it again after being 3-1 up!
We'll never get Chelski on such an off day again - why couldn't we finish them off?!!


Very Poor performace - anyone else agree?

yeah! Spurs should have kicked their butts out

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i dont know but defoe was unlucky to score at then end when his shot hit the post
but it doesnt matter u'll finish them off at the lane
have a nice day

Is Manchester United good enough for Chelsea??

to be honest mate chelsea had to bring on every atacking player they had to get the draw but we will just have to wait till next week... And they were on fire last time at white hart lane and we beat them then so we can do it again. Could have cried yesterday... Never mind


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Man U fan, I was very disappointed for you, as were thousands of supporters of other Football Clubs. I do`nt suppose it`s any consolation, but I can assure you we will all be cheering you on again when you meet them at the Lane.

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