2 - 0 and you f*cked it up!?

Arsenal apparently are playing their Ladies team in the 2nd Leg


Who would your all world team be as of right now?

I almost genuinely feel sorry for all Spurs fans.

As part of the build-up to the game, Sky did a tour of White Hart Lane today. All the 'Hall of Fame' photos are in black and white, apart from the last one, which is of Glenn Hoddle, who last played 20 years ago!!

And the only victory over Arsenal they can remember is the FA Cup semi-final 16 years ago!!

And they can't even beat our reserve team, even when we give them a two goal head start!!

Ha, ha, ha.

Who do u reckon the best manager ever is?

I know eh?

Who was the last team to do the double over both Man Utd and Arsenal in the same season before West Ham?

A good come back again !

Cristiano Ronaldo:Do u think he has what it takes to be the most talented footballer the world has ever seen?

Tsk tsk would ya believe it eh?

Best Championship players?

Did Julio get to keep the match ball?

What do you think about Jose Mourinho getting arrested??

Well. How 'bout that? It ended a Draw! 2-2.

Say we could have a GB football team?

yer good come back!

I love Reading, and you?

Oh so they will be playing the same team that lost to Sheffield?

Comon You Spurs!!


World cup question, can anyone help?

2-2 draw back to the Emirates


Do you agree that David Beckham will have no effect on increasing soccer's popularity in the United States?

I hope Spurs batter them! As a manchester city fan i know how being the under dog team feels, go for it Spurs!

Is mascherano staying at liverpool?

It doesn't matter who wins this game..Chelsea will cruise to victory in Cardiff.Sheva is back !

Should the referee of Lille - Man Utd get fired?

It's a very good come back! They will be the first

Greatest Football Club?

soooo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,... one of them will face chelski

How do i find out the names of 2 autographs belonging 2 the 1966 england world cup team?

YES, YES , arsenal is a great time. but chelsea is better... i hope arsenal beats spurs 6-0 in the emirates

Soccer fan alerts i need transfer market help?

Arsenal are in good shape at present esp for the future!

What do you think about Gabriel Heinze??

Bit of a balls up there Spurs.Baptista kind enough to knock 1 in for you aswell.

Spurs V Cardiff?

Its looking good for the return leg.

Can you tell me some transfers in summer that you think in the premiership?

can't wait to see gunners bomb cleski after they blowup spurs.

Why has allardyce resigned? is there something behind the scenes we don't know about?

they are a team of ladies

Adams or dixon in darts final?

Well done Arsenal. Arsenal is only playing their reserve team and they managed to draw at White Hart Lane. Arsenal will definitely be firing all guns ablaze at Emirates Stadium against the Yids. It will be a Arsenal vs Chelsea Finals.

Who is....?

I just hate those Arsenal fans keep saying: you can’t even beat our reserve team.
Hell Yeah! a 70million pounds reserve team.
Arsenal won the match just because of Julio Baptista (a 20million “reserve”), with a 70 millions team you can’t even beat a team with limited budget, Arsenal, you made me laugh.

First goalscorer Chelsea vs. Man Utd 10 points for first person?

I dnt get y u all the spurs fans cry and someone said baptista is worth 20 million?? i dnt think so he is only on loan so he is not costing us much except his wages, and yes spurs controlled the first 20mins, but after that it was just all Arsenal.

They where a young team as always but u do have to give them credit to level it to 2-2 after being 2-0 down? Wenger is an amaizing manager when it comes to finding young raw talent, these guys are 4 the future no doubt about it.

We have the youngest defence in the premiership average age of 20infact and we beat Man U twice that just shows how far Arsenal Football Club is developing.

Give it a few more years and no 1 could touch Arsenal.

unlucky spurs gud luck chelski ur gonna need it in the final.


Was the Premiership missing a proper goalscorer this past season and where will he come from next season?

the boys done very good, at 2 0 it should have been all over but no, the mighty gunners 3rd team fought hard and surely now arsenal will win at the emirates. Whats all this nonsense about people saying arsenal cant fight for results, what have they been doing in their last few games, fought back against the scum on sunday and now their c team fights back against spurs. Also, baptista , whos saying he cost the gunners £20 million, he s a loanee, didnt cost a penny.

I need your help pls ! who can give me all the football/soccer clubs that Ghanaian player felix aboagye been .

Good old spurs getting held by our boys...lovely

Which channel is AC Milan vs. Liverpool on in America?

What a crap team they are without their best player Berbatov (not English ) they're really crap. Our rivalry is purely location , because in class we're miles apart. $hit army.

Do you all want me to say it one more time.?

Has anyone scored a more unusual hat trick than Baptiste did last night?

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