After Barca beat liverpool, do you think benites get the chop?


Where can i watch england vs andorra for free on the net?

Yes I think he will, which is quite a peculiar situation because he might be excused for losing to Barca, but because of his other bad decisions this will be the last straw.

GEORGE BOATENG, has publicly stated, ronaldo risks being seriously injured if continues with his tricks?

no when they get thrashed by man u 5-0 there will be a burning of rafael carictures at mersyside and timmy cahill will deliver the final rites in the mersyside derby. well refael is beneathus

Liverpool will splash out big in the summer,who do you think they will buy?


Should we look outside of the premier?

you would think so !

What do you think of beckham going to america for over £100 million?

We will get better

IF Chelsie wins tonight...?

Well hopefully we will beat them, but if we don't then I think he will get the chop if they can get Eric Cantona in to deliver it!!

Is there a sly place on the net that shows Premiership football live?

Nah I think the board are behind him he is just having a bad run. Most managers have a bad time!

Is there a better CM in the country than Steven Gerrard?

liverpool cannot possibly sack benetes.
liverpool are romantically overated,and have performed to their capabilities.
arsenal chelsea and man u are comparatively in a different class.
liverpool are great, but have not underperformed.
so the answer to your quest, is no

Keiron Dyer worst possible choice for a captain?

Barca will NEVER beat liverpool.not in a million years.

Is messi the best young player in football?

ermmm, he wouldn't
liverpool's just inconsistant but they do have their heyday, if he can get chopped, then a lot other managers will also get that
he's just a bit insane at times (squad rotations!) but i think he's good for them
and btw, i think barca maynot win liverpool, u never know what's going to happen in football, it's unexpecting

Who is the shortest pro soccer player?

after we have just dumped them out of 2 cups i hope he stays and they do beat barca because unlike Jose at Chelski he is very dignified in defeat and admits it when he got it wrong. cant wait to see steve g and nou camp

We are saying we want to avoid cheating in football game,how will the level of the offence be measure?

he will probably yeh but shame if he does class manager just needs to stop tinkering best midfield are pennant gerrard alonso gonzalis so play it every week i think liverpool needs to get back in that old boot room posistion but noing liverpool they will go and win champions league now lol

Who won in todays football match against man utd and liverpool?

No, who else can they get.

Why do England suck so much?

I don't think it will matter whether they win the champions league or not, Benites is in his last season with Liverpool.

Who won the charity shield this 2007 season?

Nah, losing to Barca is quite acceptable. They are the catalans giants especially with Eto'o and Messi back upfront. I don't think they will stand a chance if Liverpool stays the way they are now against Arsenal. They will simply get PUMPED again. I don't see Benitez leaving, though with his rotation policy is kinda screwing the Liverpool's form earlier this season. We'll just see what he'll do when Sissoko is back. That's when u can really see what will happen to Benitez.

NOTE: sphinx I'll be waiting to taunt u if LIVERPOOL LOSES

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