AC Milan vs. Man Utd?

Question:Where can I watch the game in London, England (and not get beaten up for supporting AC Milan)?

Are there any italian bars showing the game?


What you all think about leeds going down?

you can go to any bar and enjoy your footy with out the risk getting mugged in england...


World cup football jerseys??

There should be a lot of Italian bars showing the game, if you wish to go to one of them. Also some restaurants will be showing it. Go to a Chelsea pub, you both would like to see Man U go out.

If you are visiting London then you shouldn't worry because most Londoners support teams who hate Man Utd anyway. If you were visiting Manchester to watch it then thats different.

Mourinho not lucky as other managers in the Premiership...?

no idea i live in sa but i just wanted to say milan is winning

If I want to watch a soccer game that's in Europe...?

He's rite. go to a ckelski pub.

Who was the first team to win the FA Amateur Cup?

AC Milan all the way

Can any one please tell me when is the next spurs match on and who are they playing against thank you?

yes go to a chelsea bar

man utd till death xxx

hey but wait ent ITV1 showin dat match i swear dam they are, well mebbe im rong?

World Cup 2010?

not that much people in london like man utd

Premiership Best XI of 06/07? (Max 3 players from each club to avoid bias)?

(aggregate 4-3.. or on away goals.. may b.
1st leg: 2-1 for man u
2nd: 3-1 for milan.
thus 4-3 aggregate win 4 milan! they r CHAMP!)

i know its gonna b a very tough match, but i do BELIEVE still they can beat man u & ... 4 winning the champ league this season. if they work hard & do their best, they'll surely b the winner. u know, we've the BEST player of the world KAKA! so watch out! but man u's a very good team. u know how they demolished roma! but still we can beat them & hope we'll. i think, if we can beat man u, we can beat any other team like liverpool/chelsea too in the final! i know liverpool & chelsea r very strong too, i do respect all of these 3 english teams, but still i think we can beat all of them. so looking 4ward 4 a match winning performance of kaka...& milan going 4ward & winning the TROPHY... forza milan! forza kaka! :D

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