{{{ For Barchlona lovers }}}?

first of all am an egyptian and i just knew now that on the 24th of this month AHLY is gonne play with Barchlone .. do u think its a gr8 thing or it doesnt matter even If AHLY won ??! also i wanna know AHLY fans opinion if there was ..!


If a team win both the premiership and the FA cup who plays them in the community sheild?

I'm happy 2 hear that they r gonna play with an Asian team,I mean Barcelona (when I read Barchlona I easily understood that u should b Arabic!I got full grade from that!) and y not,maybe u r gonna win barca! but b4 that try 2 enjoy d match instead of me too,If u r going 2 watch it from d Stadium!
P.S:Is Aljazireh going to show the alive match?

Where does Arjen Robben and Dimitar Berbatov go this offseason?

second am jordanian and i hate barchalona from all my heart and i hope that al ahly yekaser thier heads.

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