A map of mexico showing where all the football teams play?


Which soccer cleats last longer, nike or adidas?


Stadium Capacity Club(s)
Azteca 129,260 América, Atlante
Olímpico 82,694 U.N.A.M.
Jalisco 72,480 Guadalajara, Atlas
Universitario 60,200 U.A.N.L.
Corregidora 58,000 Queretaro
Chivas 52,500 Under Construction
Pirata 50,470 Veracruz
Cuauhtémoc 49,914 Puebla
Azul 45,900 Cruz Azul
Tecnológico 45,485 Monterrey
Morelos 45,223 Morelia
Neza 43,783
Nou Camp 40,338 León
Universitario 38,200 U.A.E.M.
Sergio León Chavez 36,784 Irapuato
Nemesio Díez 39,000 Toluca
3 de Marzo 36,000 U.A.G.
Hidalgo 36,000 Pachuca
Aleman 35,267 Celaya
Benito Juarez 31,050 Ciudad Juarez
Corona 31,050 Santos
Victor Manuel Reyna 30,745 Chiapas
Tamaulipas 30,500 Tampico
Colibri 30,500 Colibries
Victoria 30,500 Necaxa
Alfonso Lastras 29,400 San Luis
Nacozari 27,200 Sonora
Carlos Iturralde 26,155 Yucatan
Coruco 22,800 Zacatepec
Frnacisco Zarco 22,800 Durango
Banorte 22,000 Dorados
10 de Diciembre 21,700 Hidalgo
Francisco Villa 20,600 Zacatecas

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