Question:Would you rather see your team get promoted from the conference to the premiership then go on to win the premiership for the first time in 80 years OR would you rather win £1000 on a fantasy premier league game?



Chelsea...how bad was their match against Man City? I read they got a lucky penalty goal, but in general bad!?

Well Ryman for a true fan it would have to be championships all the way a grand is naff all these days

How do i get to pro?

The winning team for sure, 1000 is stuff all now

I just bought a new soccer ball and it is super slick! WHY? I can barely keep my feeet on it!?

1st option

In your opionion is soccer a girls sport or a guys sport?

well i think it'd be winning the premiership

All English champions league final??

I would rather see my team win. Sure, the money would be great, but it's always a great feeling, and an honorable feeling, to see your team achieve great things by overcoming hard trials.

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