After today's results, will Pardew have the last laugh on West Ham?

The gap is narrowing, between the 2 clubs!


What channel and when is the soccer game coming on i think it brazil and argentina?

I hope to god not, i hope it was just damn luck that they beat pompey. Though we are in real trouble with Wigan having 2 games in hand. 3 points should have been ours today we deserved it for a change! I wonder what the fans will think of eggert if charlton do stay up instead of us? Come on u irons!

Who would win in a fight? Floyd Mayweather or Leo Messi in a fight?

nup west ham will have the last laugh on him!!!!!

England fans?


Any Coventry City fans on here?


Charlton may of won today but it was just one of those fluke wins teams get. They weren't anything special and it was just a bad day at the office for Pompey.

How can you become a top conrtibuter?

no way w. ham will stop up Charlton will go down

What do you think is the best Manchester United Chant at the Moment?

i still cannot belive west ham are still where they are when they signed the 2 argies i thought the were gonna be challenging for the champs league. only time will tell.

Which is the better premier league team?


Chelsea - Love them or Hate Them ?

yes i hope he does

What do welsh fans think of being the first ever team to play soccer at croke park?

I think he will have the last laugh. Charlton are a bogey side for Pompey, their last away win was at fratton almost a year ago. I have to say though that throughout the game Charlton never gave up and we were lucky they only beat us one nil. Good luck to them - we were in that position last year and it took a lot of guts and determination to stay up

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