@ 9.25pm - It is Liverpool 2 Arsenal 5! Can I hear the Kop singing?

Question:2 thrashings at home in 3 days ?
Will this give us a week of peace and quiet?
Imagine, a week without any scousers on the tv and radio, droning on and on about how great their club is. Cannot be true can it? Is it possible that we won't have to listen to the worst accent in Britain, over the airwaves?


So you Chelsea are looking a bit bang average without Terry dont you think?

If you cleaned your ears out then yes you would hear the Kop singing, as we were all through the game!

How good is ben sahar?


Have any LFC fans heard there is a BIG signing on the way very soon ?

COME ON LIVERPOOLLLLLL! We are the champions my friend X

What was outstanding about Andy Cole - then of Man Utd fame - in 1999?

woooo. UP THE GUNNERS xxx

Any football rumours or transfer gossip, please post here.?

wrong it is now 6-3

What is up with west ham beating a giant and lose lots of games after?






bring on tottenham!
and just this afternoon i had a liverpoo fan still maintaining that they are better than us, just cos they fluked the CL a couple of years ago.

^-3, with our reserves, missed a penalty, one of their goals from an offside position, and another from a free kick that was given because gerrard ran straight into song.



Kenny Dalglish's Goalscoring record?

They are still singing

Who is Robin Van Persie's wife?

beaten to a pulp by a under strength arsenal side 3-6 well done

For when has Man UTD's replay against Middlesbrough been scheduled for?

It was WONDERFUL to see the invincible scouse gits get hammered twice in a few days and concede so many goals.
There'll be no scouse at Wembley hahahahahaah

Soccer popularity?

lmao thats the funniest thing iv ever heard.if its the worst accent in britain y do so many ppl like it...lets list them shall we


do i need 2 go on or have i made my point u sad sad person

next time think of a subject that doesnt offend the whole of liverpool an just the reds ey?

An wot the Fk has bein level 1 got 2 do with nythin...r the level 2s gonna beat me up? thats the worst come bk iv ever heard...u need 2 get a life m8

New to America. Love it. But I miss my football. Do you need a set top box to get the Fox Soccer Channel?

Dosh, your only on level 1 mate. Save your self some time and SHUT THE FCUK UP

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