A girl plays in a men's football club & win the FIFA World Player of the Year!...Do ya ever think about that?


Can you name 4 football clubs in the football leagues that end in the letter 'E'?

they have their women leagues don't they?? If a woman would be allowed in an male football club then why not men crosing over to the women leagues beating the crap out of every other team?
That would be STUPID! all the competitions are based on man and woman separately.. ex.:you have your men swimming, and the women swimming competitions... so on and so forth.
To answer your question that will NEVER happen.

Why are many football player usally bald ??

good for her! girls should always be allowed (if they're good enough) to participate in high-level sports and not letting their gender hold them back!

What is Canadian football ?

i'm chuffed for her
go girl
have a nice day

How do I find H.S. sports schedules?

Not really...

Which club will win The English Premier League a)Man U or b)Chelsea.?

Why not girls are as strong as boys it's a scientific fact its as simple as that!

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