2-1 Arsenal, will we get a 3rd?


Whichs teams to get ascend to PREMIER? and whichs premier league teams descend to the Championship?

nope spurs will level it
just wait and see
go spurs go spurs
im always right
ha ha ha ha ha
who gave me the thumbs down?
go on tell me
i bet it was u micheal!!!
was it?

did u give me the thumbs down?

Tickets for Barcelona v AL ahly..?

I don't really give a $hit

Will carling cup final be on terrestrial?

we'll get a 4th baby!

Whats the score going to be between the yids and west crap(ham) united...?

♫one nil down - two one up♫
all join in now

Soccer World Cup ?

I'm with satan on this one. This is not answering your question but making an observation. This proves that Arsenal supporters in general are pretty dumb. Claiming victory before the game is over. Let that be a lesson to you. I don't support either team but I just hate cockiness, and now it has jumped up and smacked you in the face. Heheheh

Which football(soccer) team can be consider as "The Most Hated Team"??

good for you. i want one more goal as well for spurs 2 all draw

My question concerns about soccer. Has Nicky Butt ever played as a winger in English team or his clubs?

no spurs just equalized and they still have to play chelski

Is there any truth in the rumour that phil neville netted for man utd intentionally?

Ah crap. 2-2. We could've done with the 3points but it's better losing. Hope next week will be beter for the club considering.

How much will beckham make per SECOND?

Once again we get a draw at Red and White Hart Lane. I htink we played a great game and its good to see Adebayor score again http://www.dailymotion.com/search/arsena... but we were simply unlucky. I must admit it was a nice goal

Should David Beckham still be playing for England?

...you should've slaughtered us, but what an equaliser!!
No good going 1-0 up then sitting back - we simply haven't got the defence to do that.
If we attack teams, we normally win..

Why did arsenal lose?

good to see the fighting spirit spurs , great!!! here"s a thumbs up from me man u , glory , glory ,....

Good Morning.:) Man U v Boro whats ur prediction?

ha ha! sums up you season completely! close but no cigar!

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