How do you feel about…..?

Teams scoring goals early in the game and not so later on?


Is there any difference between sportsmanship and sportive spirit?

little bored .but its still football!!!!!!!
and i cant live without that!

Who is the first inventor of football?

its better it eased my nerves today

Italian serie A...?


What do the terms "United", "City", "Town", etc mean in terms of English football clubs?

as long as we win i don't care when they score.It does ease your nerves and makes the game less exciting but if you and the opposition are playing end-to-end it's still great.
Mind you i said that in the reading game when we scored 3 in 7 minutes, they came back to score 2 - that game still kept me on the edge of my seat!

Who's the next Premiership manager for the chop?

That is great, if you are a fan of the team scoring.

Who is the best goalkeeper in the world?

seals the deal... then you can do other stuff in between.

Can anyone tell me when andy rammell played football for manchester united?

I like to watch exciting game,but if my club score goal early I don't care so much.

What is the name of this song in this soccer video?

the game gets boring
manchester united is a wonderful example

What happened with Juan Riquelme at Villarreal?

it makes it boring ide rather see a close game where all the goals are scored in the last 20 mins of play.

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