After this weekend, when united will have the league completely wrapped up.?

Question:do you think Rooney should get his 2 week break so he's nice and fresh for Europe and fitter at the end of the season when we win THE (3 cups don't count scouseboys!) treble?

Bring on the abuse. XXX


Why do fans hold up scarves at soccer games?

Hehe... Like how you ended that!


What is the theme tune called that barnsley f.c enter on to the pitch to?

it would be good to rest him


y they should rest him as we are goign to win the champions league anyway and that no ther team as a chance against united with larroson there

Where would Rangers & Celtic finish in the English Premiership?

i wish i had some of what you have taken.

I am looking for a video clip of a goal?

I think he should be rested. But I really want him to score before he gets a rest. However with Larsen and Ronaldo being on top form, no doubt in my mind that United has the league wrapped up!

Taking Dida's and Kahn's best time of their careers who do u think is better?

I think he should be put out to pasture to graze,

Will newcastle united survive in the league this season or go down?


yes the league will be wrapped up, i'm not cheering the scousers on, and i think ROONEY's due a hatrick,


The Mighty Seville Vs The Even Mightier Tottenham what are you scorline predictions?

I think he should have time to spend with donkey
he hasnt see him for a while!

What is christian name of cristiano ronaldo?

NO ! the league is NEVER won in January..

Which goal was better? Pennant's against Chelsea or Henry's against MU?

I thought you stopped taking drugs. You now see wat effects it has. Man Utd have no cup to take this season!!!!

Who was the first football team to loose a match on the away goals rule?

i couldn't have said it batter, well said well said you got it figure out like me.

Who will win the match as MU vs Roma?

It's not easy to say so as Arsenal are playing at home and won away at Old Trafford. Also, the closer Chelsea will get to united if they win the more pressure they will be put.


WhiCh One is The Best?

Rooney was offered a break at the start of the newyear but refused to take it.
I hope he does take a break as he does need it and we have plenty of cover.

Who will Jose blame now? P.Neville?

mad init cos rooneys scouse,an the best players in the prem r so shut ya face gobshite!!!,an hu sed url ave it wrapped up hahaha

What is the best Arsenal goal this season? other than van persie's goal against charlton?

Do you mean like when we tied it up to win the league at $old Trafford? or do you mean when we beat you last year 0-1? your'll never win that game on sunday in a million years. We haven't lost there yet and won't want you to be the first victors at our new ground... dream on 2-1 or 2-0 to us Sunday.Ps I'm going.

Football stuff?

In your dreams sonny. The Liverpool chip on your shoulder sticks out a mile....

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