Question:The person with highest points wins.
Rules -
5 pts for the correct result with the correct score.
Eg. predicted 1-0 actual score 1-0.
0 pts for the wrong result with the wrong score
Eg. predicted 1-0 actual score 0-3.
3 pts if the result is correct but the score is wrong
Eg. predicted 2-1 actual score 3-2.
1 pt if one of the teams score predicted is correct.
Eg. predicted 2-1 actual score 2-3.
Similarly you can also get 4 pts
Eg. predicted 3-1 actual score 3-0.

Predict the score of the following 1st leg matches.
ManU vs AC Mil
Chel vs Liv


Guys, Tell me whom(Man U) do we need to buy up this season to get better trophies next season?

manchester united 3-2 ac milan
chelsea 1-1 liverpool

Football fans alike come and answer my question...Por favor!?



Who is the best Zidane or Platini?

Ohhh no thats boys stuff lol :)

What is ur favorite national team and whats ur squade for it?

oh geez another one of these =P lol.

man u 2 - milan 0

chelsea 1 - liverpool 1

Whats your favorite soccer club in Europe?

Manchester United 0-2 AC Milan
Chelsea 0-1 Liverpool

Can someone explain to me...?

united 7 ac milan 1 (hahahaha)
chelsea 0 lpool 2

How do I watch every single Manchester united game on TV in the USA?

ManU 2-1 AC Milan
Chelsea 1-1 Liverpool

EL LIVERPOOL fans.. suprised at the entry of another spaniard?

Man u 1 Ac Milan 0
Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0

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