95% of manchester united fans are.......

Question:best answer 10 points! nothing too rude or vicious please!!
any leeds fans, city fans or liverpool fans feel free to take the mickey.


Apart from the obvious recent players, can anyone name any players that played for both spurs and man united?

still trying to understand that Liverpool are still the most successful team in UK histrory!

Chelsea or man united?

...Manchester United Fans!
...And 100% ARSENAL fans r GOONERS!

Where can i get Chelsea's club songs in the net?

Homosexuals.? nothing wrong there just a little Competition, im an Arsenal Fan what can i say........

How many games do teams play in the f.a. priemere league tourny?

riding the bandwagon...or in other words, not true football fans.

Soccer Goalkeepers?

armchair fans and never set foot inside Old Trafford.

Premiership Dream Team 2007?

are gay and hooligans

Does anyone know where to purchase car seat covers in football club colours with club emblem?

apparently good at praying, considering this year's results.

Do you think all chelsea supporters are "glory hunters"?

. hypocrits and are now finally appricating cr7.

Best Goal Ever?

me me me i love Manchester United

Were Wimbeldon the best ever team in the old English 1st Division?

...frontrunners, fair-weather fans, etc.

How long can you keep it up for?

have been, are and will forever be loyal to the RED DEVILS!!


How does the offside rule work, then?

supreme human beings who apreciate the true beauty of football playing. =)

What you all think about leeds going down?

the best fans a football team could have!!

I need a sven goran eriksson wig?

not from manchester or even England

Messi vs Gerrard. ! !?

...sick freaks that just wish their gay team wins the EPL but they know that Chelsea is better!

How pathetic is the Red Bulls signing of Edmundo?

getting ripped-off at old trafford,the other 5% have money

Do u like watching your fav club all night?or day?

not from Manchester lol

Which is your favourate football Club of all time.?

Faithful and loyal to their beloved club and fight to the end.1999 finals in Spain a reminder.

Alex scored for both teams(Assnal/PSV Heindhoven), now what term is there in soccer for such a thing?

from Asia.

Anyone know where the 2007 FA Cup Final is being played?

going to have aids in one years time.

Who is the best and worst users in this forum?

RED DEVILS! (and crazy about soccer)


limp wristed and have never been to Old Trafford

Do you have a list of all FIFA friendly matches to be played on February 7?


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