All hail Arsenal the KINGS of football?

6-3 BABY!


Soccer Exercises?

Yeah! Hope Baptista picks up his form here and produces the same in the Prem league. Its still middle of the season and you never know what will happen if we play too good.

Everton v Chav$ki predictions?

I thought Pele was the king?

What and who holds the record for the longest field goal in a high school game?

Arsenal ain't king of football.Barcelona is.Because they RULE!

When at a football match?

exactly the result i wanted! since i am a chelsea fan, next week arsenal will be confident and beat man utd, and liverpool will have no confidence so they will lose to chelsea!

Whats up Arsenal?

this is not a question. and there is not football team called arsenal. unless by "football" you mean that silly little soccer sport? How about all hail American Football!!

Where can I find the rules for being a soccer referee?

i agree, Arsenal are the best and they will win the league cup but not the FA cup because they are playing us (Bolton) at the Emirates and we`re gonna win but i think Arsenal are awesome

Dose C.Ronado dive to much?

Its only the Carling Cup, who cares? Poxy reserve team matches that get in the way of real football.

If they were truly any good, they'd be challenging for the Premiership, which of course they ain't.

What is the best way to improve your running speed?


Tell me two footballers who played as forewards for England,in recent years, and theywent to the same school?

all hail Arsenal the KINGS of football please hail them pleaseee omg pleaseeee hail them there soo good we won 6-3 oh we are the champions look f*cking stop dreaming arsenal wont win a trophy this year ok please stop the crap arsenal kings please best joke ever. suckers! oh yeah ARSENAL ARE SH*T SH*T SH*T F*CKING SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SH*T

Pls i want to know the nigerian players {lineup} that played the last Nations Cup qaulifying against Uganda?

didnt barca beat arsenal is some game in paris for some trophy or something like that..barrrca

thanks for hurting some liverpool players though now we will beat them easier

Who becomes a soccer European champion in 2008?

Arsenal please beat man utd

Where is paul merson now ?

my roommates happy as hell haha
hopefully Liverpool plays like this against Barca. thats all that matters to me hehe

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