10 point for best answer..need a special practice to make me special&great soccer player?

im an ordinery player but i think i can improve my abilitis ..i hav potential..can u suggest a grea practice?(im 21)


I'm a Man U fan but i'm sure fans of all teams were glad to hear that John Terry was out of hospital?

well, if you have great ball skill and think you need to improve on something else, something to improve ur socr skills is by watching a soccer match. watch a proffesional game and watch how they pass the ball and where and wut they do before and after hte ball is played. watching the game will giv u better vision and u know wut to do when ur on the field. other things to improve ur soccer skills is to RUN, run around ur neighborhood as much as u can, this way u can build endurance and be less tired toward the end of the match. if you want great ball skill, like trapping the ball, kicking the ball further, or accuracy. grab a ball and a wall. kick the ball at the wall, high or low, you should hit the ball pretty hard so wen it comes back it is more difficut to trap. that will build ur trapping ability, if u want to learn accuracy, try to kick the ball at a certain spot and keep tryin uhntil u mastered it. if u want to learn timing to hit the ball, just juggle,when u want to learn how to kick a ball far, watch pros and their stance and their technique. practice that and then u shud be improving. the way to improve is to never give up

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i know thise really good person named mr.pearcher at lowery school in daerborn michagan.

How Much Is This Worth?

From what I've seen, you would probably need to do a lot of stretching, running and increase your upper and lower body strength. Running on sand would help the legs and wind.
When doing weight training, don't concentrate on size, but rather ENDURANCE (More repetitions in a decreasing amount of time). For example: if you can do 10 leg presses in, say 30 seconds, try doing 20 in the same amount of time. You will increase your stamina and power.

How can you be a GOOD soccer player?

What you can do is you is you can try juggling the ball

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Whos the best football team ever?

if you're a goalkeeper - try saving penalties in the mud ;)

Does anyone know if international players get a fee for playing for their country.?

get some cones and line them up then get a soccer ball and dribble around them.or jsut juggle a soccer ball which it really helped me or search google for soccer drills

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