AC Milan vs Liverpool final?

I'm confident that we will rich the finals. When you come to San Siro and have the Italian fans backing you then there isn't anything that can stop us. Remember 1-0 will see us through and if Maldini comes back then it will be 3-0 for us. So goodbye Man U.


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the San Siro is always a difficult venue to get a result & Manchester United will surely have a torrid time there next week. i'm hoping AC Milan will get 1 goal & eliminate the Red Devils out of the competition.

Has england ever had an arsenal back 4 playing together?

You are wrong on both counts. It will be Chelsea v Manure in the final! Chelsea will win.

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oh you know it bud

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i just love it when people get overconfident go to the bookies sasan you will get great odds for that?? put every penny on it you have its a dead cert mate.lmao

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Just remember how lucky you guys are after the match fixing scandal. You're incredibly fortunate not to be playing Serie C. So appreciate what you have and don't get cocky.

Nobody has a right to be cocky. You're the stereotypical 'big club' fan. Just because you've won the C.L. a few times (congratulations by the way) you think you deserve it every season. Yes. I know Juventus didn't get relegated to Serie C. You were both lucky. They should have thrown the book at you and made an example of you all. But I suppose, money was talking again!

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Susan i am a Chelsea fan. I would love to see where Ac Milan belongs in the final i mean it has all the good players, kaka, pirlo, guttaso, gilirdino, dida, cafu, it just doesn't have enough luck. But, this season the dream final is Chelsea vs Manchester United. Everybody wants see them in the final. If Milan do make it to teh final then i hope Chelsea lose cause I would like to see milian redeem themselves. Srry to all Chelea fans if you think i am a traitor. Chelsea will get four trophies. And as for Milian, so much for their Theater of Dreams. and didn't see you last week cheering a on Chelsea. Always seeking Glory aren't you Susan.

Who thinks Ryan Giggs should be blame for that lost?

lol sasan..

"1-0 will see u thru"??

try keeping the red devils from not scoring a single goal!! 1-0!
even with our second string defence we can match u in attack and beyond trust me.u score 3 we score 3...all we need is a draw..u HAVE to score..0-0 is fine for us.

ur grandfather defenders cannot keep up with giggsie, rooney and ronaldo for 90 minutes..their legs have done their days trust me..


UCL FINAL >>> Man U v/ Liverpool

Why is are soccer players such babies?

the only final they will be facing is the one were they meet my mighty Swords of Destruction!! i will make them part of my legion of the undead!! ye wench dont know what you are speaking of.

Will West Bromwich Albion beat Derby at Wembly?

no sorry tis cl final is man utd n liverpool

Which team is cooler arsenal or Barca?

after Real Madrid
i support Liverpool but im sorry about tonight but Liverpool still have the big chance more than Chelsea. we must remember what happen to Barca.

agree with u
it seems

will be

AC Milan vs Liverpool

The final

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man u suck.anyone agree?

How many Man U fans are happy that the scousers beat the tossers of Chelski?

I dont mind who is in the Final as long as its 2 English Clubs... After all we did invent the game and now were showing the World that the English league is 2nd to none!

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Italian fans are just dirty...

The only way AC Milan will win is if they CHEAT...

It's likely they will cheat...

I expect a lot of dives... A lot of free kicks and appeals for Penalty kicks by the Milan team...

No class!

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You sound more cocky then you do confident.
Just like before the first leg. you can keep talking big Sasan, just like with the Roma match-ups... the team who deserves it will win.

Spurs 0 v Man Utd 4. Sun 04 02 2007?

AC Milan and Liverpool...hang on Sasan, a couple of weeks ago you were all Chelsea Chelsea. Are you jumping ship AGAIN. You can be confident if you like, please do be, it's far better than arrogant and cocky.

Mikkel Beck/QPR?

"CHEATING" is a part of the Italian tradition more so in football; so IF AC do win (won't happen), it will be because they need to cheat to get a result. Nothing new.

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