About the Soccer Ballz?

Question:How do I properly hit the ball on my head into the goal...cuz well @ soccer practice today I wasnt so good and no I did'nt have time to ask mah coach
I really want to make the team!


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Look at the ball and keep your eyes open, that is one of the most important things. When you head the ball you should bring your body back and then snap it forward towards the ball. Don't do the sort of nod thing people have goin on, I don't know what that's about. Make sure you get the ball with your forehead as that is the strongest and flattest surface you can hit it with. If you are trying to trap using your head instead of bringing your body toward the ball you will want to try and angle your head downward and cradle it so it ends up at your feet.

If it helps you, when you bring your body out put your arms in front of you and then when you go to head the ball push your body through your arms.

Also if the ball is too low and you don't think you can get a head to it jump and use your chest instead cause getting hit in the jaw/mouth/nose with a soccer ball is never fun.

Good luck, have fun

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forhead u have to use your forhead dont be afraid of the ball!! try not to be nervous cuz ur gonna end up hurting your nose!! good luck

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with your foread but when heading it close you mouth and try to no close your eyes wen hittting it also to proplel yourself in the header hold your arms out and try to contacted with the middle of the ball

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the most important thing when heading a ball is to make sure you use your forehead. When propelling the ball forward, make sure to follow through and do not hit the ball with the top of your head. Another good tip is to try to move your head to where you wish to place the ball.

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hit the ball with your forehead. don't close your eyes when you are going to hit it and always be confident about yourself. you might even score a goal.

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