A footballer won the champions league played in facup and eufa cup also played in ryman league who is it?

the player is a current premiership player


If it wasnt for the foreign player rule would man utd have dominated in europe during the ninties?

I'm confused.

Sheringham never played non-league football.

Finnan played in the conference, but not in The Ryman League.

It has to be a Liverpool or Man Utd player to have won the champions league. When you tell us the answer tell us the Ryman League club & which season because I haven't got a clue who this could be. Good question though.

The right result?


How come every time I get dismayed at West Ham there seems to be a cure?

teddy sheringham??

Who is playing better than Ronaldo in the Prem right now?


How many grammes in a kilogramme?

Steve Finnan

AMERICAN "soccer"!!!?

he plays for liverpool cant think of his name

Where is the football player Samuel eto'o exactly born?

robbie fowler

Any coincidence.?

steve finnan and teddy sherringham

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