About soccer?

Do anyone here know any special trickz for soccer? Cuz I really want to make the team; but I can do some practice; even tho thoze so call friendz think negetive saying I'm not gonna make it (what kind of friend iz that) Yea, you know who you are!!


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you don't need tricks to make a soccer team you need speed, ball control, and dribbling skills and heart for the game, and PRACTICE/TRAIN HARD and Give it your best each game

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If you are trying to make a team you don't need to know special tricks, you need to work hard and play well. Train and practice. Special tricks and cool moves won't get you on the team. Only team i know that it will is magia. And they are pretty full, i know.

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the stepover move or the reverse step over move,


the step over is when u go wit da left foot, and go around the ball from the right to the left. then the reverse step over is from right to left. once u move around the ball with ur left foot touch the ball the other way wit ur right. u can look at many others by looking at cristiano ronaldo videos on youtube

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to make the team you dont need special tricks, most coaches could care less, they just want someone with a great attitude and heart, try your hardest, show that you want it.

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You really don't need any flashy tricks in order to make a team. It actually makes you look like a ball hog, which, in most cases, will decrease your chances. Instead, just give it your best and hope for the best. You could also look for some of your weaknesses and try to improve those.

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