Ac milan winning the champions league?

i think they have a good shot at beating liverpool and after that beating man u or chelsea for the final. if not im sure the english fans will get beat up again. actually i think the english will get beat up either way i think the italians like to beat up on the english.


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Ac Milan is the only Italian team left so i think there is a lot of pressure on them especially after Roma getting a beating. But i think Ac Milan can win it.

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15% with chealse, liverpool, and man.u in the way! hell no

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i highly doubt it. Compared with the 3 other teams that made it thus far, AC Milan are seemingly the worst.

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Man U-Milan is semi.

Milan has a shot, if they come out of Old Trafford with a decent result, then everything is possible.

I beg for a rematch against Liverpool, but would also love giving a good spank to the traitor-shenko!

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Wat Wat Wat?
there will be no violence (hopefully) and man u will beat Milan

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no way i think ac milan is winning.
i can see them beating liverpool. it'll be hard
but they can do it.

but i dont think they can beat chelsea or man u.

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Yes, AC Milan will beat Man U and then beat Chelsea or Liverpool for the final! Forza Rossoneri!

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OK rewind just a little bit. They have to beat Man U to even get to Liverpool or Chelsea. It will be a great match but on form and the ability to produce it when it matters in elimination situations I think Man U will be the ones progressing to take on L/Pool or Chelsea.

As for the violence, I hope people do some serious growing up. Though i fear that hope is in vain for some, who find this behavior acceptable and amusing. Those that will take the life of another, especially over a football match really have no respect for life or any part thereof.

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Milan will win it easily and as I said, I used the word "EASILY" because there is no team out there that can stop Milan right now.

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Liverpool will win the UEFA Champions' League this season.

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dude that een posible they gatta go tru Man Utd first and trust me they would have to walk on water to beat them

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i almost puked reading this. good luck. you need that.

ac milan were lucky. bayern played badly.

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