"Everyone knows Man Utd but don't you think that like Birmingham, Manchester should have a team called City?


Has christmas come early? united 8 points clear,4/5 fav,physco cursing live on prem+,dogbreath&lehman in panto

HAHAHAHAHHA. nice one mate. lol.

Lots of people just dont get the joke I guess.

Why is Bekham leaving Real Madrid?


Mourhino..what would you ask Father Christmas to bring him?

It already does. There is Manchester United and there is also a Manchester City.

Could someone please tell me the score of the liverpool v arsenal game today?

they do,its called manchester city funnily enough

Who will win in the Fa cup tomorrow: Chelsea or macclesfield??

Yeah dude. It does.

I heard that the F.A. Premier League has said that the 07/08 back side of the kits will be different. How/Why?

It already does. Check out this site:


What is Boxing day?

Do you come from Preston?

This is a question to all the girls out there, if you like cristiano ronaldo , what is the reason?

ahahahah...that was funny..thanks for the laugh!

Why didn't deco play in the latest portugese match?

Errrrrm they do, they just aren't as good as united

Man Utd fans:Would you like to see Darren Bent sign for us in the Summer?

i don't think most of the answers above got the joke, not great but i smiled

See you at the keepmoat next season leeds donny donny donny?

thats true i think there is a team called manchester shitty tho

Mathew upson ? will he jump ship again and get relegated 3 years in a row?

Actually there is a team called "Manchester City" who are the local rivals to Manchester United.

Almost all cities have more than one team. One of the exceptions to that rule is Newcastle. Its the only team on Tyneside.

If Arsenal's bench is stronger than Chel$ki?

Someone doesn't know soccer. There is a Manchester City, you probably have never heard of them because you don't pay attention to the Premier League and they aren't that good.

What of this football club is more famous in United States?

Maybe Birmingham should have a team called Birmingham United or is that Aston Villa?

What is happening to the pace we started with this season?

Millbrook City

Who do you think is the fastest midfielder in the Premiership?

The scariest thing is that a lot of people here appear to have taken the question dead seriously...

Niki karimi?

there is 4 teams in Manchester..
Manchester United
Manchester United reserves
Manchester United youth team
oh at that sh1t team up at the council house Manchester (s)city

Favorite Footballer?

And Everton should change their name to Liverpool City

What is the song played at Stamford Bridge on a P.A. at the end of every Chelsea match?

You should've posted this in jokes and riddles mate!

Have Larsson Been any Good For manchester United??


What leaugue is better spanish primera liga/english premiership?

This is a wind up isn't it?

Is there a new team that broken away from man u?

Ever heard of Manchester City? Kidding... nice one.

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