According to Kieran D, Henry hardly ever scores with his feet and always uses his head!!?

Does this make him stupid? Its completly the other way round!! or is it me that is wrong? i dont think so some how!


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it is obvious to me Kieran D does not really know what he is talking about, Henry hardly ever scores with his head i am pretty sure he is a bitter Man Utd fan who is upset that his team (who he has probably never seen play before) have lost 6 points to us this season OR he is female and does not really know what he is talking about.

Where is the COPA AMERICA?

As an Arsenal fan i was quite surprised he scored with his head as he hardly ever does... not that he cant do it... he just doesnt. I dont know who Kieran D is but i think alot of mushrooms grow around his mouth.

Ps. Ive just had a look at that question and had to add my bit as well. He must be about 12 years old

Current"Golden Generation"? Remember when we had Hoddle ,Barnes,Waddle& Gascoigne available at the same time

Of course he's stupid. Our Tel hardly scores with his head. He's only really come good with his head last season and this season.

As much as it pains me to say it, you're right and he's wrong.

Roll on wednesday so our reserves can stuff you !!


Chelsea score (football)?

there is no rule in football that we shouldnt head the ball

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like the great player he is.he can score with his head and is also mesmerising with his feet.
couldnt agree with u more mate.
p.s he is still ahead of rooney in my eyes comes back from injury and scores 4 in 4 s#@t hot. im a lpool fan by the way

Be honest now?

maybe hes new to this watching football lark !

based on one match, hes not stupid, and we know you are not wrong, so the kids gotta learn, he's probably american, cut the kid some slack.
PEACE BROTHER(i stole this ending cause i admire it)

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what do you mean ??

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Henry scores most of his goals with his feet but doesn't mean he can't use his head. that goal testerday was superb.. hard to be an MU fan today

Is it true that man city are gonna thrash p.n.e. at the weekend?

u really hate the gunners dont u dont worry we lst yesterday and i hope u win them on wednesday

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Nah, you're right.

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Its the other way around.
Henry scores mostly with his feet, and hardly uses with his head (same case with Dennis Bergkamp).
I dont know how the hell he got those conclusion.
I think the match yesterday was the first Arsenal match he watched. Stupid idiotic!

Anyway, may the best team win this coming Wed as we will visiting u guys at White Hart Lane.

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